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WatchKit app loads indefinitely on Apple Watch, then crashes
StackOverflow Naftali Beder 71 iosxcodewatchkittestflightipa
No logs in Crashlytics from TestFlight Beta builds and AppStore
StackOverflow Krodak 42 iostestflightcrashlyticsfabric-twitter
How to include symbols in a build for TestFlight
StackOverflow Carl 73 xcodesymbolstestflight
Trouble in xamarin publishing in app store and in TestFlight
StackOverflow Sivaprasad S R 33 xamarinmonotouchxamarin.formstestflightxamarin-studio
How to release testflight beta version to external users?
StackOverflow Tanos 55 iositunesconnecttestflight
How to successfully browse for archive with Apple's Application Loader?
StackOverflow Alyoshak 24 iosxcodeuploadtestflightapplication-loader
Are there inherent differences between an iOS production app and a beta downloaded with Testflight?
StackOverflow Fugue 43 iosipadtestflight
I can't get Apple Push Notifications to work with TestFlight using External Testing
StackOverflow Julio Garcia 57 iosapple-push-notificationstestflight
Xcode how to upload an iOS app to TestFlight for External Testers
StackOverflow user462990 44 iosxcodetestflight
Ionic Framework textarea keyboard scroll issue after Apple Testflight processing
StackOverflow Nick T 70 iosionic-frameworktestflight
Xcode beta 7.3 submission to iTunes Connect for TestFlight
StackOverflow kpritch11 39 iosxcodeitunesconnecttestflightbeta
NSUserdefaults gets cleared when app updates
StackOverflow ClockWise 51 iosswiftnsuserdefaultstestflight
Add support for iPhone 4s and above on app store
StackOverflow serhii.londar 27 iosapp-storetestflight
iPhone app Testflight build crashes on iPad only since Xcode 7
StackOverflow swalkner 17 xcode7testflight
Xamarin iOS UIButton image not showing on device when testing
StackOverflow ADuggan 29 iosvisual-studioxamarinuibuttontestflight
TestFlight Internal Testing show Incompatible Device
StackOverflow 6245Htarwara 27 xcodeitunesconnecttestflight
Two errors -- binary not optimized for iphone 5 (error 90096) and invalid code signing (error 90163) --when submitting to iTunes
StackOverflow BakerShoeMaker 31 iosiphoneaircode-signingtestflight
import built error shows in test flight when upload and when make an ipa it shows error in export myapp.ipa.?
StackOverflow Chandan Jee 27 objective-cios7xcode7testflight
Can't install apps from Test flight. There was an error with this request
StackOverflow vbondarenko3d 408 iositunesconnecttestflight
Error testing app on iOS 8.3: Testflight could not install app. There was an error with this request
StackOverflow ton252 505 iositunesconnecttestflight
Unable to Upload Application to TestFlight
StackOverflow Sampath Duddu 66 iosxcodeswifttestflightbraintree
iPhone App Rejected: First time launch the screen turns white on "iPad"
StackOverflow hugocarlmartin 89 iosswiftapp-storetestflight
Affect an app awaiting release? -- Xcode 7 error: “Missing iOS Distribution signing identity for …”
StackOverflow tsteve 38 iosxcodeitunesconnectcode-signingtestflight
swift - Renaming project after it is on TestFlight
StackOverflow Grumpy 36 iosswiftrenametestflight
No matching provisioning profile found testflight
StackOverflow user3703910 33 xcodetestflightprovisioning-profile
app written in swift 2.1, xcode 7.2.1, uploaded to itunes with symbols but crash logs not available
StackOverflow goggelj 25 swift2ios9testflightcrash-reportsxcode7.2
Find where iOS is crashing based on crash reports
StackOverflow tyczj 43 iosswifttestflight
Cannot upload a Testflight version due to code signing errors
StackOverflow torpillo 20 iositunesconnecttestflight
How to determine at run-time if app is distributed for internal or external tester?
StackOverflow davbrv131 48 iosobjective-ciphoneitunesconnecttestflight
How can i identify crashes in my app?
StackOverflow A.Ravi 36 iosswiftdevicetestflight
Select Version to Test is empty in Internal Testing iTunes?
StackOverflow user3467240 54 iosiphonetestingitunesconnecttestflight
Existing TestFlight beta tester are not notified and newly added are notified
StackOverflow Anil solanki 34 iosiphoneitunesconnecttestflightbeta-testing
App Rejected: iPhone app white screen on iPad
StackOverflow hugocarlmartin 73 iosswifttestflight
Why am I unable to add new version for TestFlight external testing?
StackOverflow SpokaneDude 74 testflightxcode7.2ios9.2
Cannot select latest uploaded version to add to testflight
StackOverflow Ishaan Sejwal 65 itunesconnecttestflight
Operation_failed: When I select new version for internal testing in iTunesConnect
StackOverflow Yogesh Mv 28 iositunesconnecttestflightbeta-testing
I have big issue with external test of TestFlight
StackOverflow quang thang 30 iostestflight
Apple Testfiight App Submission Can't Click Next
StackOverflow user1573155 58 iositunesconnecttestflight
Cocos 2d build crash
StackOverflow Matias Grunwaldt 10 ioscocos2d-iphonetestflightcrash-log