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Adjusting the name of an unreleased iOS App
StackOverflow amitsbajaj 41 iosxcodeitunesconnect
App Store File Size Warning in iTunes Connect
StackOverflow amitsbajaj 75 iosobjective-csizeitunesconnect
Totally confused about app-thinning
StackOverflow patrick 67 iositunesconnectapp-thinning
Support URL not used for iTunes Connect?
StackOverflow HELLO 44 iositunesconnect
Reduce binary size ionic app ios
StackOverflow sioesi 44 iosionic-frameworkitunesconnect
My app doesn't support iPhone 4s & 5 on the App Store?
StackOverflow Tanya Lertwichaiworawit 128 iosobjective-carchitectureapp-storeitunesconnect
"restore purchases" button for non-consumables required?
StackOverflow patrick 39 iosin-app-purchaseitunesconnect
ERROR ITMS-90046 using xctool / xcodebuild vs XCode Archive's success
StackOverflow Miro 117 iosxcodeitunesconnectxcodebuildxctool
Update version iTunes Connect - Between 22 - 29 December
StackOverflow Peter12 58 iositunesconnectitunes
iOS App - IAP - Subscription per device?
StackOverflow morsanu 55 iosin-app-purchaseitunesconnectapple
Button Submit for Review is disabled
StackOverflow Alexsander 26 itunesconnect
iTunes connect can't add the build to the external tester
StackOverflow nuruddinba 38 iositunesconnect
stream and play itunes preview of a song within the browser - AngularJS
StackOverflow Rockstar5645 19 angularjsangularjs-directiveitunesconnectitunes-store
Archive upload error: ERROR ITMS-90207 - The bundle does not contain a bundle executable
StackOverflow Martijn Hols 116 iosxcodeapp-storeitunesconnect
Update app with new name or do I need to submit a new app?
StackOverflow Gabriel Rotman 35 iositunesconnectitunes
Can I export an iOS app only with developer and iTunes account?
StackOverflow Objectif 24 xcodeapp-storeitunesconnectprovisioning-profile
Unexpected iOS App size increase with TestFlight
StackOverflow m.devil 152 iosunity3ditunesconnecttestflight
Itunes connect app rejection because of app name is similar to other apps already on the App Store
StackOverflow Afsara 106 iosapp-storeitunesconnect
iPhone app store ID is not working when we enter in Facebook settings?
StackOverflow Sudheer Kolasani 53 iosfacebookitunesconnect
In-App-Purchase consumable product managment
StackOverflow Mitesh Khatri 30 iosin-app-purchaseitunesconnectitunes
How to Add a Second Team or Organization in iTunes Developer Portal
StackOverflow Cayce 10 itunesconnectxcode7itunes
Is it possible to decrease CFBundleShortVersionString?
StackOverflow swalkner 8 app-storeitunesconnect
why there are so many build that are processing?was it taking longer because of that for test?
StackOverflow 6245Htarwara 8 itunesconnectxcode7archive
no accounts with itunes connect access with my main admin Apple ID
StackOverflow MojaDamiri 65 iositunesconnectapplexcode7
Itunes Connect - "Submit for Review" doesn't seem to do anything
StackOverflow sadelbrid 35 iositunesconnect
Error with iAd implementation means no revenue generated from ads?
StackOverflow Max Goodridge 50 iositunesconnectiad
Invalid Swift Support: Purge.appex doesn’t have the correct file type
StackOverflow Qaiser Butt 16 iosxcodeitunesconnect
Itune Connect Web Scraping, Powershell, can not logging in - what is “the AuxValue”?
StackOverflow Kazu 65 powershellweb-scrapingitunesconnect
Localized GPS disclaimer in App Store app description
StackOverflow AppsDev 37 iosapp-storemetadataitunesconnectnslocalizedstring
SKProductRequest unable to retrieve products
StackOverflow Ayaz Rafai 32 iosin-app-purchaseitunesconnectstorekit
iTunes Store operation failed. You are not authorized to use this service for provider
StackOverflow Josh O'Connor 100 iosxcodeitunesconnectitunesprovisioning-profile
X̶c̶o̶d̶e̶ Realm keeps deleting symbol files
StackOverflow danielbmarques 65 iosxcodevalidationitunesconnectrealm
iTunesConnect - uploading an archive stuck
StackOverflow SNos 19 xcodeitunesconnect
XCode is unable to create a distribution signing identity
StackOverflow app developer 27 78 xcodeitunesconnect
Invalid Bundle Error (Possibly CocoaPods caused error)
StackOverflow Burak 59 iositunesconnectcocoapodsdylibsearch-path
Not able to login in itunesconnect account. It works for developer account?
StackOverflow jbchitaliya 99 itunesconnect
How to create user without giving him Admin role for Internal Testing in iTunesConnect
StackOverflow Marcin Kapusta 36 iositunesconnect
iOS - Archive item is not associated with any known iTunes Connect platform
StackOverflow Tanya Lertwichaiworawit 46 iosin-app-purchaseitunesconnect
Keychain import iOS distribution certificate Error: -25295
StackOverflow app developer 27 38 xcodeosxitunesconnectkeychain
Binary refused IOS, crash on launch
StackOverflow Alex Le Boucher 69 iosswiftbinaryitunesconnect
iOS app in non-english language
StackOverflow Per 86 iosxcodelocalizationitunesconnect
iTunes Connect: App name with trademark symbol
StackOverflow jbchitaliya 8 itunesconnect
Itunes connect issue, site won't load
StackOverflow Echizzle 25 itunesconnect
Is there any way to display App name fill in iTunes Connect instead of "CFBundleDisplayName" in Notification Center
StackOverflow Kaneki 13 iosapple-push-notificationsitunesconnectcfbundledisplayname
Apples wierd condition for app submission
StackOverflow deep 29 iphoneitunesconnect
How to query iTunes lookup API to find a tvOS app?
StackOverflow Taylor Hughes 16 itunesconnecttvositunes-store
Is it possible to publish iOS app update after removing Apple Watch app?
StackOverflow Abdul Hannan 37 iositunesconnectxcode7watchkitapple-watch
iTunes Connect Sales and Trends?
StackOverflow Luke Pearce 35 iositunesconnectitunesitunesconnect-analytics
Bundle id is not showing in iTunesconnect Bundle ID dropdown
StackOverflow Mittchel 11 iosapp-storeitunesconnect
product no found inapp purchase ios
StackOverflow tamtoum1987 26 xcodeswiftin-app-purchaseitunesconnect
Metadata rejected - To re-submit or not?
StackOverflow user1038814 45 iosapp-storemetadataitunesconnect
Xcode 7.2 upload tvos app with error: iTunes Store operation failed error can not verify client
StackOverflow vipulk617 164 itunesconnectitunestvostvos9.1
What type of In-App Purchase choose for removing ads for one of iOS game app
StackOverflow prins prem 21 iosin-app-purchaseapp-storeitunesconnect
How will I able to upload *.app to Appstore not via Xcode?
StackOverflow LIAL 38 iosxcodegoapp-storeitunesconnect
Itunes Connect:In-App Purchase is getting rejected,but app was stil in review
StackOverflow sug3rs 16 iosin-app-purchaseitunesconnect
Submit Business 2 Business Demo App
StackOverflow Cosmin 20 iositunesconnectappstore-approvalb2b
Any ideas why my IOS upload via Application Loader fails with this error message if I use an adhoc provisioning?
StackOverflow Martin Pearson 49 iositunesconnectprovisioningadhoc
ERROR ITMS-90046: "Invalid Code Signing Entitlements." using custom applinks
StackOverflow edzio27 108 iosswiftitunesconnectapplication-loadergoogle-app-indexing
Binary in invalid after uploading into iTunesConnect
StackOverflow Nirmalsinh 35 iositunesconnect
ITunesConnect doesn't show different language options
StackOverflow Edmund 43 iositunesconnect
iDFA for having Google analytics and Facebook Api in the App
StackOverflow James 13 app-storeitunesconnect
How to reset product id using In-App purchases?
StackOverflow Bartłomiej Semańczyk 17 in-app-purchaseapp-storeitunesconnect
This Apple ID has already accepted an invite to this app
StackOverflow amleszk 18 itunesconnecttestflight
Unity IAP Services not Working on iOS. Purchase Dialogue does not Show at All
StackOverflow Maryoomi1 82 c#iosunity3din-app-purchaseitunesconnect
How to upload an iPhone app with(paid) "$1" cost in Appstore
StackOverflow Mannam Brahmam 34 iositunesconnect
Using free third party code in iOS app
StackOverflow James 17 iosapp-storeitunesconnectsubmissionapproval
This build is invalid on
StackOverflow Bhavesh Kumbhani 230 iosbuilditunesconnect
Can't submit app on iTunes connect: "New apps and app updates must be built with the public (GM) versions of Xcode"
StackOverflow Daniel 134 iosxcodeosxitunesconnect
iOS App Compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch but not iPad
StackOverflow Gaurav 37 iosiphoneipadapp-storeitunesconnect
Trouble transfering and maintaining ios app.
StackOverflow Cesar Tejada 23 iositunesconnect