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unknown app installs after app store submission of app
StackOverflow Bartu 25 iositunesconnect
Submit iOS app to Store without access to Developer Program account, but a provisioning profile and Distribution Certificate
StackOverflow shahalpk 45 iosxcodeitunesconnect
iTunes Connect - App Store Territories
StackOverflow Rapsefar 34 iosapp-storeitunesconnect
Publish iOS app to App Store on behalf of client
StackOverflow shahalpk 81 iosxcodeitunesconnectsubmission
Programmatically retrieving app view data from iTunes Connect and Google Play Developer Console
StackOverflow NeonBlueHair 20 web-scrapinggoogle-playapp-storeitunesconnectanalytics
ios itunes connect wrongly create apple TVOS part
StackOverflow Raju Gujarati 21 itunesconnect
See who reset iOS Distribution Provisioning Profile
StackOverflow daniely 37 iositunesconnectprovisioning-profileios-provisioning
Developer Certificate is no longer valid but app was approved by Apple
StackOverflow josuebasurto 38 ioscertificateitunesconnect
Unable to upload app to iTunes Connect - iTunes Store operation failed. Authentication timeout
StackOverflow developer82 2760 iosxcodeitunesconnect
Info.plist may not contain the UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities key
StackOverflow Gerd Castan 135 xcodeitunesconnecthealth-kitapplication-loader
How to change or add localizable languages displayed at iTunes Preview of an iOS app?
StackOverflow Marco 36 iositunesconnectitunes-storelocalizable.strings
ERROR ITMS-90032 - Cant submit apps from Xcode 7.2
StackOverflow Ramaraj T 96 iosxcodeitunesconnectapplication-loader
Error while processing package, An exception has occured
StackOverflow Ankush 64 xcodeitunesconnectipaapplication-loaderin-house-distribution
How to release testflight beta version to external users?
StackOverflow Tanos 55 iositunesconnecttestflight
How can I change bundle ID in the new itunes connect
StackOverflow ConnorB 26 iositunesconnect
In App Purchase functionality is not present in your binary
StackOverflow vikram singh 61 iosin-app-purchaseapp-storeitunesconnectappstore-approval
iTunesConnect app primary language change not propagating
StackOverflow hiwordls 33 iositunesconnect
For Apple App Store, can I choose an App name same as the App already on App store ?
StackOverflow NSPratik 54 iosapp-storeitunesconnectappstore-approval
Get application data from iTunes using PHP
StackOverflow aokozlov 16 app-storeitunesconnect
iTunes Connect - Technical Role Missing
StackOverflow Rafi 55 iositunesconnect
Does my app use the Advertising Identifier (IDFA) if I use admob?
StackOverflow Farhad Mammadli 60 iosadmobitunesconnectidfa
ERROR ITMS-90022 Missing Required Icon File
StackOverflow AdamM 72 xamariniconsitunesconnectxamarin.formsxamarin-studio
Itunes Connect error upload binary
StackOverflow sioesi 27 iosxcodeapple-push-notificationsitunesconnectcordova-plugins
iTunes Connect still asks Export Compliance for app distributed in U.S. only
StackOverflow Jason 62 iositunesconnect
All Build for iTunes Connect, there was an error importing this build
StackOverflow vikash1307 211 iosxcodeitunesconnectapple
[iOS][iTunesConnect] Missing load commands
StackOverflow user2177200 59 iosxcodeapp-storeitunesconnectapple
Itunes Connect Analytics not updating on mac
StackOverflow Schuey999 8 itunesconnectappleanalyticsiphone-developer-program
Error name with app in itunes connect
StackOverflow LettersBa 17 iosapp-storeitunesconnectapple
Xcode beta 7.3 submission to iTunes Connect for TestFlight
StackOverflow kpritch11 39 iosxcodeitunesconnecttestflightbeta
Test Flight Internal Testing Issue
StackOverflow Adrian David Smith 44 iosiphoneitunesconnect
Is banking information necessary in order for iAds to start working?
StackOverflow Abdou023 25 itunesconnectiadcontractbanking
Testing APNS with Appstore production certificate
StackOverflow Krish 61 iosapple-push-notificationsitunesconnectappstore-approvalproduction-environment
it's possible send it app TVOS to itunes connect without the real device?
StackOverflow OscarM 35 xcodeitunesconnectprovisioning-profiletvosapple-tv
Trying to send geoJSON file to iTunesConnect
StackOverflow David DelMonte 13 iositunesconnectgeojson
What is the use of Routing App Coverage File in iTunes Connect?
StackOverflow Anu 28 iosroutingitunesconnect
Can you ever decrement the build version
StackOverflow lostintranslation 19 iositunesconnect
IOS Version only for Ipads
StackOverflow Munadel 50 iosobjective-citunesconnect
iTunes Connect “Agreements, Tax, and Banking” message will not go away
StackOverflow Boom Godlike 22 itunesconnect
Can't upload tvOS app to App Store
StackOverflow Awalias 107 itunesconnecttvosxcode7.2tvos9.1
iAd not showing up in an app approved by the apple
StackOverflow Jenny 59 iosapp-storeitunesconnectiad
change individual developer account display name
StackOverflow Ted 24 iosapp-storeitunesconnect
Where do I enter the publisher name in iTunes Connect for my app?
StackOverflow Desmond Hume 25 iosapp-storeitunesconnectapple
Is a Paid Applications contract needed to test free In App Purchases?
StackOverflow gfringeli 15 in-app-purchaseitunesconnectsubscriptionstorekitcontract
Replace archived app in iTunes Connect
StackOverflow Beth Knight 22 xcodeitunesconnect
Game Center: Failed to find players
StackOverflow Gamerlegend 27 iosswiftitunesconnectgame-center
Promo Code Redemptiom Error "Not Available for Download"
StackOverflow Schneipi 5 itunesconnectpromotion-code
Changing iOS app name in iTunes
StackOverflow Madu 30 iosiphoneapp-storeitunesconnectitunes
Uploading a Build to IOS App Store
StackOverflow Ninja 59 iosxcodeitunesconnect
Apple new Reporter tool for sales Opt-In reports
StackOverflow Ben White 43 iositunesconnect
error uploading ios app to itunes connect
StackOverflow Lonergan6275 52 iosxcodeitunesconnectitunesmapbox
IOS app size 100MB warning
StackOverflow InitLipton 49 iosapp-storeitunesconnect
TestFlight Internal Testing show Incompatible Device
StackOverflow 6245Htarwara 27 xcodeitunesconnecttestflight
iTunes Connect: Exclude iPad 2 from supported devices
StackOverflow Bohdan Kachmar 15 ipaditunesconnect
Itunes connect doesn't recognize screenshots
StackOverflow Maxim 24 iosiphoneapp-storeitunesconnect
How to select a binary in app store uploaded before creating the app version in itunes connect?
StackOverflow Harald-K. 15 iosxcodeitunesconnect
Change iOS App provider (By) name after submission?
StackOverflow Prabhu 44 ioscocoaitunesconnectiphone-developer-programitunes-store
An error occured while processing the http request for the webDAV upload
StackOverflow InitLipton 54 iosxamarinitunesconnectapplication-loader
Cannot upload .ipa to iTunes using Application Loader
StackOverflow daneejela 65 iosiphoneuploaditunesconnectapplication-loader
Cannot Submit my build to Itunes Connect
StackOverflow Lucas Farleigh 43 iositunesconnect
Is my app's app store URL known when it is in the "Pending Developer Release" state?
StackOverflow Sweeper 16 iosapp-storeitunesconnect
Itunes Connect rejected
StackOverflow Rick 29 xcodeios7itunesconnect
Can't delete unnecessary provisioning profiles from itunesconnect
StackOverflow Lena Bru 18 xcodeitunesconnect
Can't install apps from Test flight. There was an error with this request
StackOverflow vbondarenko3d 408 iositunesconnecttestflight
Have you added or made changes to encryption features since your last submission of this app?
StackOverflow Iskender güngör 80 iosencryptionitunesconnectsubmitting
The app bundle must contain app icon for iPad
StackOverflow Narendra Sharma 405 iconsitunesconnect
Error testing app on iOS 8.3: Testflight could not install app. There was an error with this request
StackOverflow ton252 505 iositunesconnecttestflight
iTunesConnect Batch Setting App Patch Notes/What to Test?
StackOverflow veta 14 iositunesconnectapple
Error: While Creating new iOS App on iTunes Connect
StackOverflow Sohaib Dildar 47 iosiphoneitunesconnect
On demand resources, the app rejected
StackOverflow siarheibrazil 28 iosios9itunesconnectitunes-app
Many Developers and an Organization Apple Developer Program
StackOverflow hasan83 45 iosxcodeitunesconnectiphone-developer-program