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Team Member - Xcode Configuration Issues
StackOverflow Filippo 33 iosxcodeitunesconnectprovisioning-profilebundle-identifier
Unable to create an App in iTunes Connect as an App Manager
StackOverflow IT Gypsy 26 iositunesconnect
iOS App Rejected due 2.23 - iOS Data Storage Guidelines
StackOverflow Mikhail S 50 iositunesconnectapple
Distribute B2B app
StackOverflow user2526811 13 iosiphoneapp-storeitunesconnectitunes-store
GameCenter iOS leaderboard identifier
StackOverflow Fabio 25 iosobjective-cxcodeitunesconnectgame-center
App record created in Itunes Connect not appearing in My Apps
StackOverflow jumper 20 iositunesconnect
Own certificate has invalid issuer even after WWDR cert is updated
StackOverflow hiwordls 18 iosxcodecertificateitunesconnectapple
iOS Development - Submitting to the App Store as a freelancer
StackOverflow anasganim 28 iosapp-storeitunesconnect
Exception Type: EXC_BREAKPOINT (SIGTRAP) - App Store version of App Crashes when using UIButton
StackOverflow JKSDEV 39 iosswiftin-app-purchaseitunesconnect
Development team not showing in xCode
StackOverflow GoldXApp 26 ioscertificateitunesconnectprovisioning-profile
Is it necessary to get product id for every individual paid content from ituneconnect?>
StackOverflow Faisal Mirza 14 iosin-app-purchaseitunesconnectproduct
Submitting another ipa file right after previous submission
StackOverflow Farhad Mammadli 29 iosxcodeitunesconnect
How to determine at run-time if app is distributed for internal or external tester?
StackOverflow davbrv131 48 iosobjective-ciphoneitunesconnecttestflight
Issue uploading app to itunesconnect
StackOverflow Sarita 17 xcodeitunesconnect
Apple Developer Does this app use the Advertising Identifier (IDFA)?
StackOverflow Dan A 33 iositunesconnectapple
Select Version to Test is empty in Internal Testing iTunes?
StackOverflow user3467240 54 iosiphonetestingitunesconnecttestflight
Existing TestFlight beta tester are not notified and newly added are notified
StackOverflow Anil solanki 34 iosiphoneitunesconnecttestflightbeta-testing
No Google Analytics Demographic data generated for iOS App
StackOverflow Joey 26 iosswiftgoogle-analyticsitunesconnect
Can I change the name seen on my apps on the app store?
StackOverflow Peter Gaffney 12 app-storeitunesconnect
Can I track IOS Campaigns for in App Purchases?
StackOverflow James Brunskill 12 iositunesconnect
Why I can not find myApp when uploading a app to an app store
StackOverflow Hanslen Chen 30 itunesconnect
ITSAppUsesNonExemptEncryption export compliance while internal testing?
StackOverflow Avijit Nagare 841 iosobjective-citunesconnect
Cannot select latest uploaded version to add to testflight
StackOverflow Ishaan Sejwal 65 itunesconnecttestflight
Operation_failed: When I select new version for internal testing in iTunesConnect
StackOverflow Yogesh Mv 28 iositunesconnecttestflightbeta-testing
How to approach Apple Review team to review the app asap?
StackOverflow Yuvaraj.M 40 iositunesconnectappleappstore-approval
iOS certificates/Identifiers & Profiles confusion
StackOverflow HELLO 15 iositunesconnectprovisioning-profileios-provisioning
iTunes Connect bundle id issue
StackOverflow Arti 35 iosios7app-storeitunesconnectxcode7
ERROR ITMS-90578 when upload ipa
StackOverflow dorgon 28 iositunesconnect
Build Settings : What changes should I do in the build settings so that on releasing the app it will show the languages on App Store as only English?
StackOverflow Shubham Ojha 16 ioslocalizationinternationalizationitunesconnectbuild-settings
How would I "Upload to App Store" to a client's iTunes connect?
StackOverflow JessThePest 43 iosxcodeitunesconnect
Apple Testfiight App Submission Can't Click Next
StackOverflow user1573155 58 iositunesconnecttestflight
How to configure iTunes Connect In-App purchase settings?
StackOverflow Yuvaraj.M 31 iosobjective-cin-app-purchaseitunesconnectapple
ITSAppUsesNonExemptEncryption Cordova Build
StackOverflow kiwi209 49 ioscordovaencryptionitunesconnect
Can't submit tvOS app NSExtensionPointIdentifier is invalid in Service Provider
StackOverflow Breek 14 xcodeitunesconnecttvosapple-tv
HomeKit iTunes connect entitlement error. Still not working
StackOverflow MAURICIO HOYTE 6 iosxcodeitunesconnectxcode7
iOS submit In-App-Purchases not in binary - What to do after rejection?
StackOverflow AndiA 8 iosin-app-purchaseitunesconnect
iTunesConnect provider token
StackOverflow Andriy Gordiychuk 2 iositunesconnect
How to test In-app purchase in Sandbox mode iOS?
StackOverflow Yuvaraj.M 20 iosobjective-cin-app-purchaseitunesconnectskproduct