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Swift setting image as button, clicking too hard
StackOverflow Thomas 72 iosswiftuibuttonswift2ios9
Unbalanced calls to begin/end appearance transitions in UISplitViewController
StackOverflow Oliver Borchert 53 uinavigationcontrollerswift2ios9uisplitviewcontroller
Swift 2: How to keep iOS and watchOS2 apps synchronized with WatchConnectivity?
StackOverflow Kos2008 65 swiftswift2ios9watch-os-2watchconnectivity
Open Interface controller programmatically in WatchOS 2
StackOverflow SocoM 61 swiftios9apple-watchwatch-os-2
UIKeyCommands of custom UITableView not recognized
StackOverflow erdekhayser 30 iosswiftios9uiresponderuikeycommand
UISlider not sliding in prototype cell
StackOverflow Vizllx 82 iosobjective-cuitableviewios9uislider
How to run two threads in background in iOS?
StackOverflow david 52 iosobjective-cmultithreadingbackgroundios9
How to preserve constraints for hidden views within UIStackView
StackOverflow Boon 36 swiftios9uistackview
ImagePicker Issue iOS 9
StackOverflow Divyanshu Sharma 92 iosobjective-ciphoneios9
Get the Job Status of UIPrintInteractionController in Swift
StackOverflow CortexA8 63 iosswiftios9airprint
How to obtain crash logs from users running iOS 9
StackOverflow esilver 370 iosios9crash-log
Multiple UIVIew Autolayout issue
StackOverflow Ben10 56 uiviewuiviewcontrollerautolayoutios9
Have to hit "Done" button after signing into to Facebook on ios 9
StackOverflow user2581628 58 iosswiftfacebookios9
This app is not allowed to query for scheme XYZ://
StackOverflow M. Porooshani 55 swiftios9uiapplicationcustom-urlxcode7.2
Updating the same class (same object) with two different save in background completion blocks in
StackOverflow cdub 18 iosobjective-cparse.comios9objective-c-blocks
NSMutableAttributedStrring's underline is clipping some characters from bottom
StackOverflow Abid Hussain 17 objective-cios9nsmutableattributedstring
UITableviewController not showing Menu on touch
StackOverflow Anand Yadav 29 uitableviewswift2ios9xcode7uimenucontroller
UIWebBroswerView has gap from top of UIWebView
StackOverflow Vijay Sharma 32 iosuiwebviewios9ios9.2
Multi-line label of unlimited size with the text top-aligned?
StackOverflow Colin 51 iosswiftios9
In iOS9 Interface Builder how can I keep my view below the status bar?
StackOverflow andrewz 37 iosinterface-builderios9
Customizing text color AND font of UITabBarItem causing weird result in swift
StackOverflow TekShock 71 swiftfontsios9uitabbaritem
How to load image from url which I got via API calling
StackOverflow Govind 163 iosswiftuiimageviewuicollectionviewios9
How can I connect two viewcontroller of two singlepage app in swift by clicking button?
StackOverflow HeyJay 37 iosswiftios9
Xcode 7.2: In “Archive”: Getting the issue: “Cordova/CDVViewController.h’ file not found ”. While there is no such issues in building the app
StackOverflow Adisheshu RY 2346 ios9xcode7.2
How to create an alertview for a button prompting to take pictures from gallery or camera roll?
StackOverflow Rakesh Mohan 60 swiftios9uialertview
How can I debug something I cant often re-create?
StackOverflow J.Doe 31 swiftdebuggingios9xcode7
NSLayoutAnchor is not working inside customized UITableViewCell with UITableViewAutomaticDimension Enabled
StackOverflow SMHMayboudi 27 uitableviewanchorios9nslayoutconstraint
Any way to use a dylib dynamic library as static, or compile it into a new binary?
StackOverflow InfernusDoleo 11 iosios9dylibdynamic-library
How to play mp3 audio from URL in ios swift
StackOverflow Govind 144 iosswiftswift2ios9avaudioplayer
uiTableView select the previous selected row?
StackOverflow david 55 iosswiftuitableviewios9
Flurry.h not found through bridging header when using cocoapods
StackOverflow rgamber 50 ios9cocoapodsflurrybridging-header
status bar expanding scrollview and pushing content off screen
StackOverflow Cbas 41 iosuiscrollviewios9
Throttle internet speed manually in iOS 9
StackOverflow Philipp Januskovecz 78 iphoneios9
UIButton text not updating
StackOverflow user3379785 61 iosswiftuibuttonios9grand-central-dispatch
Show scope options and cancel link for UISearchController
StackOverflow cdub 8 iosios9uisearchbaruisearchcontroller
Swift 2 Ambiguous use of 'subscript' error
StackOverflow user2647092 88 xcodeswiftswift2ios9
Calculate preferredContentSize based on PHAsset size for a Preview View Controller
StackOverflow Joey 53 iosswiftios9phasset3dtouch
UITableViewAutomaticDimension not working on iOS 8
StackOverflow ztwei 97 swiftios8ios9uicollectionviewcelluitableviewautomaticdim
Present commit view controller modally instead of pushing when using 3D Touch Peek & Pop
StackOverflow Joey 96 iosswiftios93dtouch
How to test Apple Watch Actionable Notifications in Watch Simulator?
StackOverflow jayant rawat 35 ios9xcode7apple-watchwatch-notification
AFHTTPRequestOperationManager always uses the cached response
StackOverflow Ganesh 37 iosiphoneios8ios9afnetworking-2
How to get all previously connected Wi-Fi networks in Swift?
StackOverflow Ashok Kumar S 155 iosiphoneswiftwifiios9
Trigger event in app with DirectoryWatcher.m
StackOverflow Omkar Jadhav 81 objective-cios9nsdocumentdirectory
How to force a new CNContact into a Local CNContainer?
StackOverflow pwschulz 85 xcodeswiftios9cncontactcncontactstore
How to save the image in my server
StackOverflow NAVEEN KUMAR 75 objective-cios9nsurlsessionnsmutableurlrequest
How to use ssl client certificates on safari and IOS9
StackOverflow Gio Gasparri 55 apachessl-certificateios9mobile-safariclient-certificates
Not Verified Enterprise Developer Message Reappears in iOS 9
StackOverflow HaemEternal 271 iosios9ios-enterprise
Auto-resize a monospacedDigit font in IOS-9
StackOverflow fishinear 32 iosfontsios9autoresizemonospace
iOS 9 universal links working. Exclusion path not working
StackOverflow BROK3N S0UL 79 iosios9ios-universal-links
iOS Shared Credentials: Check if user selected "Do not save passwords" in Safari
StackOverflow scrrr 27 iosauthenticationios9
Video Preview Layer Running While in Split-View?
StackOverflow Aaron Tharpe 14 iosobjective-cios9avcapturesession
UIPrintInteractionController and Unbalanced calls to begin/end appearance transitions for UIViewController
StackOverflow Moscovici 77 objective-cios9
WatchConnectivity works occasionally
StackOverflow Davide Fiorino 34 ios9watchkitapple-watchwatch-os-2watchconnectivity
CFNetwork SSLHandshake failed (-9806) intermittently
StackOverflow Chinta 48 sslencryptionssl-certificateios9tls1.2
Navigation bar disappear on Cancel of "Add to Exsting Contact" controller
StackOverflow user562140 26 iosiphoneios9
How to get row number in custom Prototype Cell file
StackOverflow user5744323 22 swift2ios9viewcontrollertableviewcell disable right arrow button ("") on StatusBar
StackOverflow S K 122
Swift 2 and working In app purchase iOS 9
StackOverflow Pan Mluvčí 120 in-app-purchaseswift2ios9
What is the impact of the "Requires full screen" option in Xcode for an iPhone-only app?
StackOverflow goodbyeera 184 iosiphonexcodeios9xcode7
Edges of circle images are jagged in xcode7 ios9,anybody knows how to fix it?
StackOverflow Jaden Wong 62 iosswiftimageios9xcode7
Different behaviors with ios 9 UIWebview while using WIFI or mobile data
StackOverflow PNL 43 javascriptiosuiwebviewwifiios9
AWSS3TransferUtility uploadFile fails due to file not found
StackOverflow imobilizer 48 amazon-s3ios9file-transferaws-sdkios9.2
how should i use multiple views in uipageview controller? (Swift)
StackOverflow Govind 38 iosswiftswift2ios9uipageviewcontroller
Use NSURLConnection to receive Motion JPEG stream, succeeds in iOS 8 and iOS 9.2, but fails in iOS 9.0 and 9.1
StackOverflow 陳明曉 38 objective-cios9
Google contact list with email in my iOS application
StackOverflow apple10 22 ios9xcode7google-contacts
iAD - Ads not showing in iOS9
StackOverflow swetha 78 ios9iad
No permission to view document passed back from iOS Document Provider on Open Operation
StackOverflow Locksleyu 44 iospermissionsios9file-permissionsdocument
iOS 9 Notifications - why is my app name missing when I request permission?
StackOverflow David DelMonte 75 iosparse.comapple-push-notificationsios9
SPA application causing safari low memory crash in IOS 9
StackOverflow Machinegon 31 memoryios9single-page-application
This application's bundle identifier does not match its code signing identifier
StackOverflow Vojtech Vrbka 68 xcodeswiftios9code-signing