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Create singleton instance via extension per app?
StackOverflow TruMan1 53 iosswiftswift2ios9
iOS didFailToRegisterForRemoteNotificationsWithError only on iOS 7
StackOverflow SCK 46 iosios7apple-push-notificationsios9
AVAudioPlayer not working. Error Domain=NSOSStatusErrorDomain Code=1954115647 "(null)" in swift2
StackOverflow Aj Ar 50 audioswift2ios9avaudioplayer
how to convert [NSManagedObject] to nsmutable array (Swift)
StackOverflow Govind Rakholiya 32 iosswiftcore-dataios9nsmanagedobject
Core data is not updating when ViewWillApear method is called in swift2
StackOverflow anonymox 16 core-dataswift2ios9nsfetchrequestviewwillappear
iOS 9 - Action Controller Bug
StackOverflow Merlea Dan 23 objective-cios9uialertcontroller
label frame not changing programmatically which is added in storyboard
StackOverflow Abha 16 ios9xcode7frameuistoryboard
IOS9 Contacts framework fails to update linked contact
StackOverflow poGUIst 15 ioscocoa-touchios9contacts-framework
How to get image without resizing?
StackOverflow david 42 iosios8uiimageios9
UIWebView iOS9 extend selection
StackOverflow Alexander Slabinsky 24 iosuiwebviewios9
iOS how can I use storyboard elements that don't exist in earlier versions of iOS?
StackOverflow Alex Stone 10 ios7ios9xcode7uistoryboardcompatibility
ios9 TouchID detection if fingerprint was added or removed
StackOverflow S.Ozkan 41 iosobjective-chashios9touch-id
Does an iOS app with background audio run when not playing audio?
StackOverflow royco 17 iosios8ios9
How to fetch one contact's birthday–swift iOS 9
StackOverflow John Ramos 47 iosswiftios9contacts
Get AVAudioSession properties of embedded YouTube Player
StackOverflow Dan 13 iphoneswiftaudioyoutubeios9
SSKeychain can't find value while running from XCode
StackOverflow Daniel Larsson 26 iosxcodeios9keychainsskeychain
iOS 9 Regardless of screen rotation on relaunch when UIApplicationExitsOnSuspend = Yes
StackOverflow wyl 13 iosobjective-cios9
iPhone iCloud Backup location of "blocked numbers/contacts" list
StackOverflow Laura Schoebel 23 iphonebackupios9icloudblocked
3D Touch Quick Actions really slow to launch (restarts the app instead of resuming?)
StackOverflow Mehdi S. 22 iosiphoneswiftios9
How to change a tabbar after performing a segue transition
StackOverflow JopieK 29 swift2ios9
What is the point of all these steps required for the Facebook / VK / Twitter communication
StackOverflow FrozenHeart 21 iosobjective-cfacebookios9facebook-ios-sdk
how to access uitableview cell element outside of "cell for row at indexpath"
StackOverflow Govind Rakholiya 73 iosswiftuitableviewswift2ios9
In iOS 9, why is SFSafariViewController is being pushed instead of presented modally?
StackOverflow guptron 36 iosiphoneuiviewcontrollerios9sfsafariviewcontroller
TunnelPacketProvider - Wifi
StackOverflow Roee84 16 iosios9vpn
Swift FacebookSDK login bug
StackOverflow Thomi 40 swiftios9facebook-login
invite/install iOS app with custom action
StackOverflow Cbas 23 iosapp-storeios9deep-linking
IOS 9.x UIWebview/WKWebview loadRequest using WIFI (hi speed internet) is slow
StackOverflow Michael Henry 34 ioshttpsuiwebviewwifiios9
iOS Data Storage issue - Rejected even after NSURLIsExcludedFromBackupKey
StackOverflow Mumthezir 64 iosiphonebackupios9appstore-approval
Swift Upload Video to Http server?
StackOverflow Manikandaprabu 75 iosswiftios9nsurlsession
How to sort array in descending manner?
StackOverflow Govind Rakholiya 58 iosswiftsortingnsarrayios9
UIScrollView with autolayout returns frame size including toolbar
StackOverflow swalkner 15 uiscrollviewautolayoutios9
Present UIAlertController from NSTextAttachment on iPad
StackOverflow Oliver Borchert 13 iostextviewios9popovernstextattachment
How do I format email composer in code
StackOverflow Nick 24 swiftemailios9mfmailcomposer
How does cornerRadius and offscreen rendering affect performance in iOS 9
StackOverflow sevenkplus 18 performanceios9rounded-cornerscornerradiusoff-screen
Objective-c Xcode 7 Methods Conflicting?
StackOverflow Derek H. 75 iosobjective-cxcodeios9
the button is disabled when text view is empty else is enabled
StackOverflow O user 25 swiftios9
xcode 7 runs correct with iphone 6 simulator, but not with real device
StackOverflow Inbal Tal 21 ios9xcode7simulatoriphone-6uiscreen
UIWebview not working probably ( iOS9 )
StackOverflow Oday Ali 19 iosuiwebviewios9
Swift 2 URL text return works but failing with uncaught exception after data print
StackOverflow dbconfession 12 swift2ios9xcode7
Swift/CoreData - Variable reference changes after initializing
StackOverflow kaoskater08 32 iosswiftcore-dataios9
Creating a dynamic MKAnnotationView in Swift
StackOverflow Mihado 25 mapkitios9mkannotationmkannotationview
Xcode build configuration based app transport layer security
StackOverflow Swift Hipster 37 iosxcodeios9app-transport-security
Why aren't size classes in landscape mode (except Iphone 6/6s plus) regular compact (width vs height)?
StackOverflow iwsnmw 12 autolayoutios9size-classes
Watch-kit : adding "Notifications Scene" to existing watchkit app ios
StackOverflow Logic 26 iosobjective-cios9watchkitxcode7.2
SKVideoNode invisible in Xcode 7
StackOverflow RossP 16 iosobjective-csprite-kitios9xcode7
App designed for iPhone5 appears "squished" in iPhone6(ios9)
StackOverflow OneGuyInDc 51 iosios9
CalenderItemIdentifier or CalendarItemExternalIdentifier for iOS EventKit?
StackOverflow Neal 7 iosios9appleeventkit
Depreciation ++ operator in Swift 3, Looking for a work around
StackOverflow Legacy Eternal 56 swiftpropertiessprite-kitoperatorsios9
Native iOS text view
StackOverflow user6000710 50 iosobjective-ctextviewuitextviewios9
UIStackview with UIKeyboard in swift2.0
StackOverflow Jasper 26 iphoneswift2ios9uikeyboarduistackview
Writing text on pdf ios
StackOverflow Sanandrea 19 iospdfios9core-textcfstring
Sending mail is not working ipad[IOS 9] device previous it was working
StackOverflow Deepak kumar 21 ios9mfmailcomposeviewcontroll
Toolbar with two items like google translate app (swift 2.1)
StackOverflow jhon 20 xcodeswift2ios9toolbargoogle-translate
MZCommerceInAppBuy.App BuyInfoDataAccessFailure_message
StackOverflow bkwebhero 24 swiftin-app-purchaseios9storekit
alamofire upload 3g connection partial uploaded
StackOverflow DustPhyte 8 swift2ios9xcode7image-uploadingalamofire
Why so many canOpenURL?
StackOverflow Forrest 42 iossecurityxcode6ios9url-scheme
Have trouble with iOS 9 Universal Links when adding character * in applinks as 'applinks:*' which is inside Associated Domains section
StackOverflow Laurence Fan 18 iosios9applinks
assetResourcesForAsset: cause deadlock
StackOverflow yingkong1987 9 iosios9phassetphotokit
NSURLSession and NSURLProtocol issue on iOS 8
StackOverflow iOSAddicted 27 iosios8ios9nsurlsessionnsurlprotocol
How to change line spacing into UILabel on iOS 9
StackOverflow Eduardo Amaral 38 c#iosxamarinmonotouchios9
Caching behavior of AVURLAsset
StackOverflow Bjorn Roche 12 ioscachingios9avfoundationprogressive-download
AWS S3 Uploader/iOS: The file couldn’t be opened because you don’t have permission to view it
StackOverflow Eusthace 20 iosobjective-camazon-web-servicesamazon-s3ios9
Save the exif metadata using the new PHPhotoLibrary
StackOverflow CoachNono 14 iosobjective-cios9phphotolibrary
"Back to.. app" sometimes causing wrong tabbar item to be selected
StackOverflow William GP 23 iosios9uitabbar
is this possible to remove advertisement from my webview?
StackOverflow Govind Rakholiya 14 iosswiftwebviewuiwebviewios9
application getting crash when reload tabledata
StackOverflow Govind Rakholiya 45 iosswiftuitableviewtableviewios9
Airplay Button is not showing in Player Controls with AVPlayer
StackOverflow abhishek 13 iosswiftios9airplay
How can I get the UUID of the paired phone from the Watch App - iOS
StackOverflow Ravi Dalmia 20 iosiphoneios9watchkitapple-watch
Swift: NSCountedSet with Map
StackOverflow user1107173 28 swiftswift2ios9
UIButton in UIScrollView->UIStackView->UIView not clicking
StackOverflow arynhard 24 swiftios9xcode7