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Set classifier dynamically with Gradle
StackOverflow user3209486 40 gradlecontinuous-integration
How To Solve .gradle/wrapper not found
StackOverflow Nugraha 56 javaphpandroidgradle
React Native example (UIExplorer) building issue
StackOverflow user3765109 69 gradlereact-nativegradlew
Getting Error:Execution failed for task ':app:dexDebug'
StackOverflow user5716019 49 androidandroid-studiogradleerror-handling
Changing gradle version from 1.4 to 1.3 not working
StackOverflow ir2pid 47 androidandroid-studiogradlebuild
No matching client found for package name (Google Analytics) - multiple productFlavors & buildTypes
StackOverflow AndroidMechanic 251 androidandroid-studiogradlegoogle-analyticsandroid-productflavors
app-debug-unaligned.apk specified for property 'inputFile' does not exist
StackOverflow Thomas Teilmann 194 androidandroid-studiogradleandroid-gradlezipalign
How to exclude aidl files
StackOverflow Victor Choy 16 gradleandroid-gradle
Azure Mobile Service conflicting dependencies in Android Studio
StackOverflow 4ndro1d 74 androidazuregradleazure-mobile-services
Android Studio & Gradle - generate jar from Android Library module with several flavors
StackOverflow Sahar Weissman 58 androidgradleaarandroid-productflavorsdexguard
Unable to resolve dependencies
StackOverflow user3400729 45 androidandroid-studiogradleandroid-gradle
Android Studio 2.0 - preview 6 with Gradle
StackOverflow Tarig_BSTC 62 androidgradle
Grails 3 "Build failed with an exception" using assets-pipeline with sass-grails-asset-pipeline
StackOverflow lifeisfoo 47 grailsgradleasset-pipelinegrails-plugin
jenkins: preDexDebug failed
StackOverflow Mikhail Krutov 9 androidjenkinsgradle
Why is Gradle taking so long to build?
StackOverflow StackOverflower 77 androidandroid-studiogradle
Gradle copy task not working
StackOverflow purring pigeon 54 gradle
Gradle Multi Project Builds with duplicate source files
StackOverflow Abubakr 22 intellij-ideagradlebuild.gradle
Android Application + Java Module (Java 1.8)
StackOverflow Yura Buyaroff 82 javaandroidgradlelambdaretrolambda
Migrating project to new experimental gradle plugin 0.6.0-alpha3 -> 0.6.0-alpha5
StackOverflow Francois Coulombe 67 androidgradleandroid-gradlebuild.gradlegradle-plugin
Shared code between Kotlin server and client projects using Gradle
StackOverflow JustACluelessNewbie 88 gradlekotlin
Resolve gradle build script dependencies
StackOverflow busylee 98 gradlebuild.gradlegradle-plugingradle-dependencies
Expanding Properties in Gradle Breaks LDAP Config
StackOverflow Starbuck 15 gradlepropertiesspring-bootldapproject-properties
How to have Buildship recognize existing projects in Eclipse Mars
StackOverflow purring pigeon 32 gradlemaven-3gradle-eclipse
Publicly release Android Library not proguarding correctly
StackOverflow Antion19 38 androidgradleandroid-gradleproguardandroid-proguard
Download dependencies from url and extract to a folder using gradle
StackOverflow addy 19 gradle
Need 2.8 gradle instead of 2.4
StackOverflow Mindaugas Nakrošis 39 androidandroid-studiogradleandroid-gradlebuild.gradle
Android: ClassNotFoundException when using library project that has gradle dependencies
StackOverflow Jon 77 androidgradleandroid-gradleclassnotfoundexceptionandroid-library
Android Studio : Gradle Executin Failed with dexDebug Error
StackOverflow Nanda Gopal 26 android-studiogradledex
Gradle and Android studio imported app
StackOverflow Toni Puche 35 androidgradleviewpagerindicator
grails 3 plugin installation location
StackOverflow isgQ 46 grailsgradlebuild.gradlegrails-plugingrails-3.0
How to prevent dependency from compiling duplicate dependency
StackOverflow Andrew 61 androidgradleandroid-gradle
apt dependency scope in Android gradle - what is it used for?
StackOverflow j2emanue 57 androidgradleandroid-gradle
Adding test folder to classpath for specific gradle flavour
StackOverflow zirael 69 androidandroid-studiogradle
Run local Apache Web Server + Tomcat as part of Gradle Build
StackOverflow 75inchpianist 83 apachetomcatgradlewebserverhttpd.conf duplicate entry: META_INF/LICENSE.txt
StackOverflow chris13524 47 javagradlejava-web-start
Skip processing files during Gradle build
StackOverflow nectarsac 21 gradleandroid-gradlelibpng
Gradle: How to set version from custom plugin
StackOverflow Mike Cooper 38 gradlegradle-plugin
Provided dependency from project (Gradle)
StackOverflow Patrick 20 android-studiogradleandroid-gradle
libGDX html compile error tools.jar not found
StackOverflow Hristijan Gorgievski 29 javaandroidgradlelibgdx
Gradle custom plugin's build throws "unable to resolve class"
StackOverflow matteo rulli 37 gradle
Gradle dependency caching mechanism
StackOverflow Ravendra 27 gradle
Finished with non-zero exit value 255
StackOverflow Maan 51 javagradlestanford-nlp
Remove Gradle default Source Sets
StackOverflow cdosborn 26 javaeclipsegradle
gradle version x is required try editing distributionurl
StackOverflow Ray Tayek 38 androidgradlebuild.gradlegradlew
Glide Process 'command 'git'' finished with non-zero exit value 128
StackOverflow michelletbs 87 androidgitgradle
Error:Cause: buildToolsVersion is not specified in build.grade (Project:xxx)
StackOverflow androidHunter 137 androidgradleconfigurationfabric-twitterbuild-tools
Lots of android gralde Flavors are almost same with only a little different of manifestPlaceholders
StackOverflow ghui zhang 26 javaandroidgradle
How to specify schema location for changelog tables
StackOverflow Florian Maier 47 postgresqlgradleliquibase
How to connect to MySQL from script in Gradle
StackOverflow Bilal Shah 49 javamysqlgradlebuild.gradle
Managing multiple Flavours... exponential growth?
StackOverflow NullPointerException 37 androidgradleandroid-gradleandroid-productflavorsandroid-build-flavors
Intellij Idea 15 Gradle project import Junit compile errors
StackOverflow PrasadU 42 javaintellij-ideagradlejunit
How to set proxy settings not in project's
StackOverflow jul 47 androidandroid-studiogradleandroid-gradlehttp-proxy
Android Studio: how to create a second debug build type
StackOverflow Mister Smith 61 androiddebuggingandroid-studiogradlebuild
Where from dependent jar files are imported during programming in Android Studio?
StackOverflow manasa 39 javaandroidmavengradlejar
nexus proxy not working
StackOverflow Joerg 17 gradleproxynexus
Excluding jar file duplicate from build
StackOverflow Alpha 39 androidgradledependenciesduplicatesredundancy
getting issues while adding other gradle project as library
StackOverflow viru 45 androidandroid-studiogradlesynchronizationjitpack
Remove transitive classpath dependency in gradle
StackOverflow questionare 41 javagradlespring-bootdependency-management
gradle does not add native libraries from fresco
StackOverflow Dominik Malík 39 androidgradle
gradle import dependency inside buildscript
StackOverflow user1432980 20 gradle
Location of gradle binary on Android Studio Install (Linux)
StackOverflow bph 21 android-studiogradleandroid-gradle
Update gradle to experimental version - Error
StackOverflow Simon PA 42 androidgradleandroid-ndk
Gradle + Tomcat plugin + slf4j
StackOverflow Koitoer 26 javatomcatgradle
Can someone give me some clues regarding configuration of this Gradle plugin?
StackOverflow user447607 22 pluginsgradle
Android Studio - Can't get bootclasspath to work with Gradle javadoc building
StackOverflow Ben987654 42 androidandroid-studiogradleandroid-gradlejavadoc
Cannot solve Android Error:Execution failed for task ':app:compileDebugJavaWithJavac'
StackOverflow user3411961 230 javaandroidandroid-studiogradleandroid-gradle
Upload AAR ( with transitive dependencies ) to SonaType from a private Github repository using Gradle
StackOverflow Thiago Miranda de Oliveira 27 mavengithubgradleaar
In a gradle plugin, how do I replace maven plugin 'uploadArchives' with artifactory plugin 'artifactoryPublish'?
StackOverflow Jamie Cooper 22 pluginsgradle
Jacoco ignores gradle tests
StackOverflow Leander 14 gradlecode-coveragejacoco
Can a gradle copy task be used to copy a file from a url?
StackOverflow Potassium Permanganate 26 gradleandroid-gradle