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Jenkins - JBoss AS - Restart the server using jenkins
StackOverflow Anand 25 jenkinsgradlejboss
How can I run multiple test runner classes using gradle command line
StackOverflow sophist_pt 14 testinggradleautomation
Gradle gretty plugin hot deployment not working
StackOverflow Bo Ye 15 gradlehotdeploygretty
gradle, gretty - How to run a task in farm task?
StackOverflow Le Kim Trang 29 gradlegretty
How to integrate Gradle jmeter plugin with jmeter + jenkins
StackOverflow Saagar 45 jenkinsgradlejmeter
Could not find property 'uninstallDebug' on project
StackOverflow Rajkiran 38 androidgradleandroid-gradle
unknown host
StackOverflow jack 15 androidgradle
Connection to refused in intellij
StackOverflow user1065869 35 javamavenintellij-ideagradle
How can I import an ANTLR lexer grammar into another grammar using Gradle 2.10?
StackOverflow jbduncan 63 javagradleantlrantlr4
android gradle project configuration steps in Jenkins
StackOverflow user5049861 16 jenkinsgradle
gradle plugins : source code
StackOverflow 罗路遥 33 androidpluginsgradle
How to add a dependency to another project properly using gradle?
StackOverflow Peters_ 22 javagradledependenciesbuild.gradleproject-structure
Native prebuilt shared library in Android Studio with experimental Gradle plugin
StackOverflow budderick 65 javaandroidgradleandroid-ndkjni
Using Geb and the Edge WebDriver I get failed to create driver from callback
StackOverflow Josh 35 seleniumgradlemicrosoft-edgegeb
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Failed to load ApplicationContext while doing in memory database unit testing using hsqldb spring boot gradle
StackOverflow Jai Prak 30 javaspringgradlespring-boothsqldb
Android Gradle Turn-off Proxy
StackOverflow AndroidRocks 14 androidgradleproxyandroid-build
How do I include sub-dependencies of a library with gradle and Android Studio?
StackOverflow isuPatches 13 androidgradledependenciesandroid-gradledependency-management
Spring - Repository from other Jar is null. How to initialize it?
StackOverflow Bilal Shah 107 springgradlespring-data
Transitive dependencies getting excluded by gradle
StackOverflow user447607 20 gradle
Is there a concept of test suites in Gradle/Spock land?
StackOverflow smeeb 39 gradlegroovyspock
Check for file created by previous gradle task?
StackOverflow Corey Ogburn 16 gradlenpm
How to not have Gradle quit Scala's REPL immediately?
StackOverflow Dominykas Mostauskis 19 scalagradleread-eval-print-loop
How do I read the results of gradlew app:dependencies?
StackOverflow EmmyS 22 androidamazon-web-servicesgradleandroid-gradle
Gradle: Use BuildScript RepositoryHandler as Project Repository Handler
StackOverflow Vijay Ratnagiri 14 gradlebuild.gradle
How to publish a regular, non-Android Java library so that it becomes available for inclusion in Java projects via Maven & Gradle build scripts?
StackOverflow lostinthecloud 52 javamavengradlebintrayjcenter
Gradle buildConfigField Illegal forward reference
StackOverflow cambunctious 19 javaandroidgradleandroid-gradle
Having Spring Gradle dependency container before JRE container results in compilation errors
StackOverflow Stephen Neal 29 javaeclipsegradlests-springsourcetoolsuitegradle-eclipse
Gradle: Run testng suite with specified program argument
StackOverflow Farrukh Najmi 11 gradletestng
Build a new Grails app by Gradle
StackOverflow ceny 29 grailsgradle
Proguard Printmapping not working in Android Studio 2.0
StackOverflow VicVu 40 androidandroid-studiogradleproguardandroid-studio-2.0
aar from maven causes ClassNotFoundException. aar's dependencies not being included
StackOverflow adithyag 32 androidgradledependenciesaar
app:compileDebugAndroidTestJavaWithJavac error while running radle for unit test in AndroiStudio using windows OS
StackOverflow Ganesh 25 gradle
GRAILS 3 sql express: no driver
StackOverflow Stefano Scarpanti 26 sql-servergrailsgradlegrails-3.0
Gradle Flavors: Categorize a flavor such that it contains two references that point to different version of libraries
StackOverflow coder-at-risk 14 gradlecategory
How to debug a Gluon Application that uses Dagger in Eclipse
StackOverflow MannikJ 22 eclipsedebugginggradlejavafx-8gluon
Gradle (Android) - Multiproject dependency missing in testCompile
StackOverflow droidpl 53 javaandroidgradleandroid-gradlegradle-plugin
Android - How to define dependancy on a gradle task which is generated after taskGraph is created
StackOverflow Rajkiran 18 androidgradleandroid-gradlespoonspoon-gradle-plugin
difference between 'def' and no 'def'
StackOverflow 罗路遥 33 functiongradlegroovy
Robovm studio not able to generate IPA but runs on simulator?
StackOverflow user3396986 17 iosgradlelibgdxrobovm
Android studio upgrade gradle error
StackOverflow Ahmed Mohammed 30 androidgradle
gradle in eclipse not loading axis2 1.7.0
StackOverflow serge 28 javaeclipsegradleaxis2
How to use javadoc @argfiles from gradle javadoc task
StackOverflow Heiner 10 gradlejavadoc
manifest first gradle plugin for OSGi - migrating from ant to Gradle
StackOverflow Paul Verest 23
Rest service test coverage with arquillian, gradle and jacoco
StackOverflow fyelci 14 java-eegradleresteasyjboss-arquillianjacoco
Debugging The Release Build Type Without Generating a Signed APK
StackOverflow Disco S2 36 androidandroid-studiogradle
How to solve "Note: duplicate definition of library class"?
StackOverflow Nick Unuchek 32 javaandroidgradleproguard
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.hibernate.boot.registry.classloading.internal.ClassLoaderServiceImpl$Work in running my tests
StackOverflow Jai Prak 50 hibernatetestinggradleversion
Scala REPL in Gradle
StackOverflow Dominykas Mostauskis 17 scalagradleclasspathread-eval-print-loop
How to work with gradle wrapper, init script, multi project and best with idea
StackOverflow 28 intellij-ideagradlebuild.gradlegradlew
IntelliJ - Gradle: How to get rid of the test source folder
StackOverflow euwbah 28 javaintellij-ideagradle
travis ci build failing - cause: PermGen space
StackOverflow user3744384 55 androidgradleandroid-gradletravis-cikotlin
Making TestNG Reporter output appear in Gradle HTML test reports
StackOverflow Andrew Yochum 13 htmlgradlereporttestng
How to use Findbugs omitVisitors?
StackOverflow Klaus Christiansen 9 gradlefindbugs
Error while building Gradle project in Android Studio on offline Ubuntu 14.04 computer
StackOverflow Ashley 28 ubuntuandroid-studiogradleoffline
Unable to compile with proguard (minifyEnabled true)
StackOverflow user3635998 25 javaandroidgradleproguardobfuscation
Proper way for gradle to run a never ending task?
StackOverflow Corey Ogburn 18 gradle
failed to resolve compile 'org.jsoup:jsoup:1.7.3'
StackOverflow Akshay Gupta 30 android-studiogradlejsoupbuild.gradle
Can I invoke a maven plugin from gradle?
StackOverflow efekctive 17 gradlegradle-plugin
How to update Gradle file in android studio
StackOverflow Android Programing 40 android-studiogradleandroid-gradlebuild.gradle
Include additional files in an already created zip file using gradle
StackOverflow sver 39 gradle
Issue with build after updating Android SDK
StackOverflow Eugen Martynov 169 androidandroid-studiogradle
Android ZIPALIGN finished with non-zero exit value -1
StackOverflow Bazi Paleri 29 androidandroid-studiogradleandroid-assetszipalign
Android Gradle Nexus Plugin didn't find task sourcesJar
StackOverflow DroidAlex 37 androidgradlenexus
How to make "provided" scope working on Android Studio?
StackOverflow Nick Unuchek 45 javaandroidgradleproviderdagger
How to configure multiproject build in Gradle to build in root project and build it separately?
StackOverflow Rafal 26 javaandroidgradlebuild
How to run my testing task for different apk versions in jenkins
StackOverflow Sushil 19 androidjenkinsgradlejenkins-workflow
IntelliJ: How do I open the gradle tasks window?
StackOverflow SJacobs 13 intellij-ideagradlebuildcompilation
gradlew install package R does not exist
StackOverflow Liran Cohen 16 androidmavengradle
IntelliJ (using gradle): Can't find Kotlin plugin even though it's installed
StackOverflow SJacobs 59 pluginsintellij-ideagradlekotlin
Running different App class in my application (for debug)
StackOverflow henorek 29 androidgradle