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android startActivityForResult not including Bundle
StackOverflow AEMLoviji 35 androidfragmentandroid-support-library
error after adding library 'com.ramimartin.bluetooth:AndroidBluetoothLibrary:1.0.1-SNAPSHOT'
StackOverflow masoud vali 14 androidbuildbluetoothdependenciesandroid-support-library
Android NavigationView : not show full item and not truncate
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How to use BottomSheetDialog?
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android - support libraries 23.2.0 cause app to crash
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How to implement Bottom Sheets using new design support library 23.2
StackOverflow Kamal 983 androidandroid-support-libraryandroid-support-design
Using android support library 23.2 in build.gradle crashes app (XmlPullParserException: XmlPullParserException: invalid drawable tag vector)
StackOverflow listboss 668 androidsvgcustom-controlsandroid-support-library
Android recylerview v.23.2.0 & design library v.23.2.0 are broken
StackOverflow android_dev 1126 androidandroid-support-libraryandroid-recyclerviewandroid-support-design
Android Studio error using VectorDrawable (the new Support 23.2.0 library)
StackOverflow TareKhoury 473 androidandroid-support-library
Update Android Support Library to 23.2.0 cause error: XmlPullParserException Binary XML file line #17 tag requires viewportWidth > 0
StackOverflow mr.icetea 2708 androidandroid-support-library
Code Analysis Error (Unexpected namespace prefix) after upgrading Android Support Library 23.2.0
StackOverflow lukle 177 androidandroid-support-library
TabLayout not show icon with android support library 23.2.0
StackOverflow Lâm Nguyễn Hoàng 140 androidandroid-support-library
Update support library 23.2.0 build bug
StackOverflow Flofloaud1034 1064 androidandroid-support-library
How to use the new DayNight Theme?
StackOverflow Nick Mowen 258 androidandroid-support-libraryappcompatandroid-theme
Android Support Library 23.2 - Navigation Drawer and/or Toolbar
StackOverflow Santiago Fermín 341 androidandroid-studioandroid-support-library
AppCompat 23.2 use VectorDrawableCompat with RemoteViews (AppWidget) on API<21
StackOverflow araks 183 androidandroid-support-libraryappcompatremoteviewvectordrawable
How do I change the default height of a BottomSheetDialog?
StackOverflow ianhanniballake 351 androidandroid-support-libraryandroid-support-design
SwipeRefreshLayout prevents AppBarLayout scrolling down with showing refresh circle after updating support libs to 23.2.0
StackOverflow mohax 202 androidrecyclerviewandroid-support-libraryswiperefreshlayoutandroid-support-design
support library 23.2 transition animation lost after update
StackOverflow TPWang 52 androidanimationtransitionandroid-support-library
Recyclerviews and SwipeRefreshLayout using support library 23.2.0
StackOverflow Asdf 259 androidrecyclerviewandroid-support-libraryswiperefreshlayoutandroid-appbarlayout
DayNight theme always shows night theme
StackOverflow Tim Mutton 178 androidandroid-support-library and design version 23.2.0 crash parcel error
StackOverflow acs-team 154 androidandroid-support-libraryparcelableparcel
Android support library 23.2.0 error in setting style="@style/Widget.AppCompat.Button.Colored"
StackOverflow Arnav M. 624 androidandroid-studiomaterial-designandroid-support-library
Unmarshalling unknown type code 6881391 at offset 4752 After Upgrading to Support Libraries 23.2.0
StackOverflow henry000 77 androidandroid-support-libraryparcelableparcel
Back Arrow and Overflow Icons Wrong Color in Pre-Lollipop Devices After Updating to Support Library 23.2.0
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How to add Android Design Support library
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setfitsystemwindows not working windowtranslucentstatus coordinatorlayout
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How to Use the Bottom Sheet in support design library android
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ViewPager became show incorrect pages after update of the support libraries
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TabLayout crashing after updating support library to 23.2.0
StackOverflow Mihir Shah 178 androidandroid-support-library
How to convert image into bit plane in android?
StackOverflow atika prima 36 javaandroidimageandroid-studioandroid-support-library
Android studio 1.5.1: Could not find property 'vectorDrawables'
StackOverflow mr.boyfox 445 androidandroid-studiogradleandroid-support-libraryandroid-vectordrawable
Android Status Bar transparent with Navigation Drawer - Appbar elevation
StackOverflow kalehv 38 androidnavigation-drawermaterial-designandroid-support-library
Which support libraries should I use if my app has minimum skd = 21?
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Preventing user drag on BottomSheet Support Library 23.2
StackOverflow DDukesterman 53 androidandroid-support-library
Android BottomSheet: Is hinding under the toolbar
StackOverflow Paul Woitaschek 89 androidmaterial-designandroid-support-libraryandroiddesignsupport
NPE when switching tabs on SwipeRefreshLayout @ v23.2.0
StackOverflow Paulo Taylor 44 androidandroid-support-library
Android Support Library 23.2.0 causing Toolbar arrow to be black
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RecyclerView doesn't respect height=wrap_content?
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DialogFragment: How to fix button position on Support Library 23.2.0
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RecyclerView items with big empty space after 23.2.0
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Upgraded support libraries to 23.2.0 and ResourceNotFoundException Using PreferenceFragmen's CheckBoxPreference
StackOverflow Disco S2 70 android-support-librarygenymotion duplicate entry: org/apache/http/ConnectionClosedException.class
StackOverflow sunil y 42 android-studioandroid-gradleandroid-support-libraryandroid-multidex
RecyclerView not displaying data
StackOverflow Marius Kaunietis 39 androidrecyclerviewandroid-support-library
Stop using AppCompat
StackOverflow ThirdMartian 36 androidandroid-support-library
Instanciating a Toolbar with an ApplicationContext
StackOverflow mbonnin 16 androidandroid-viewandroid-support-library
Android Support Library 23.2 vector drawables are blurry
StackOverflow Ben 51 androidandroid-support-libraryandroid-vectordrawable
Issues with setripplecolor in pre-lollipop with v23.2.0 library
StackOverflow Christopher Luc 15 androidandroid-support-libraryfloating-action-button
Android Support Repository does not display in Android sdk manager
StackOverflow Ankush Rishi 26 androidandroid-support-library
Not fixed Android - Proguard returned with error code 1
StackOverflow amardeep 24 androideclipseproguardandroid-support-library
Disable onChange animations on ItemAnimator for RecyclerView
StackOverflow JHH 14 androidrecyclerviewandroid-support-libraryandroid-recyclerview
Migrating compileSdkVersion 22 to 23 without giving marshmallow support
StackOverflow driodev 28 androidandroid-support-libraryandroid-6.0-marshmallow
Data Binding with srcCompat
StackOverflow Ishaan Garg 34 androidandroid-support-libraryandroid-databinding
Android EditText with TextInputLayout crashing when reaching limit of counterMaxLength after update of Support Library 23.2.0
StackOverflow Rafael Muhamedzyanov 48 androidandroid-support-library
RenderScript No Class Def found, when trying to blur background image
StackOverflow Ben Smith 18 background-imageandroid-support-libraryv8renderscriptandroid-renderscript
EditText added is not a TextInputEditText. Please switch to using that class instead
StackOverflow Silvia Hisham 79 androidandroid-layoutandroid-edittextandroid-support-libraryandroid-textinputlayout
Framework detected in android studio. Can't open project
StackOverflow Prasang 18 androidandroid-studioandroid-support-library
Android support library 23.2. TabLayout with icons
StackOverflow Bashalex 42 javaandroidandroid-support-library
NullPointerException - Attempt to invoke virtual method RecyclerView$ViewHolder.shouldIgnore()' on a null object reference
StackOverflow markproxy 23 androidandroid-support-libraryandroid-recyclerview
Disabling User dragging on BottomSheet
StackOverflow Ituoke Ajanlekoko 39 androidandroid-support-libraryandroid-support-design
Progaurd issue "Warning:Ignoring InnerClasses attribute for an anonymous inner class"
StackOverflow hema18 26 androidandroid-support-libraryandroid-proguard
How to show Cancel Button in Notification on Android 5+
StackOverflow Matti Torvaldsson 17 androidandroid-support-libraryandroid-notifications
OnPrepareOptionsMenu in fragment has different behavior on devices
StackOverflow Creati8e 15 androidandroid-fragmentsinterfacecallbackandroid-support-library
Android support library 23.2 - tab styling not working completely as before
StackOverflow knezmilos 23 androidandroid-support-libraryandroid-stylesandroid-tablayoutappcompat-v7-r23.2
Is it possible to set an action view to a NavigationView sub header(label) item?
StackOverflow Nagy Arthur 7 androidandroid-support-libraryandroid-design-libraryandroid-navigation-drawerandroid-navigationview
NotificationCompat.Builder setLargeIcon() not working?
StackOverflow Matti Torvaldsson 22 androidandroid-support-libraryandroid-notifications
How to use vector drawables with View besides ImageView with srcCompat?
StackOverflow razzledazzle 29 androidandroid-support-libraryandroid-vectordrawable
AnimatedVectorDrawable in Support Library and animation of "pathData"
StackOverflow Jiří Vitinger 20 javaandroidandroid-animationandroid-support-library
error: No resource identifier found for attribute 'theme' in package in eclipse
StackOverflow Thomas k 21 javaandroideclipseandroid-support-libraryappcompat
Update Android Support Library to 23.2.0 using VectorDrawables with srcCompat on API 21+
StackOverflow n1ck 21 androidandroid-imageviewandroid-support-libraryandroid-vectordrawable