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Android studio : Error:Execution failed for task ':app:processDebugManifest'
StackOverflow Said Erraoudy 43 androidandroid-gradlegoogle-play-servicesbuild.gradle
Unable to generate Gradle files
StackOverflow Farbod Salamat-Zadeh 35 androidandroid-studiogradleandroid-gradlegradlew
Android Studio: Execution failed for task ':compilePlayDebugAidl'
StackOverflow Ram 40 android-studioandroid-gradlebuild.gradleaidl
How to include .aar dependency into Android library .aar file
StackOverflow Alexander 171 androidandroid-gradleandroid-libraryaarmaven-publish
How to import dependecies from build.gradle to pom.xml
StackOverflow Alexander 105 mavengradleandroid-gradlepom.xmlmaven-publish
Can't add xstream 1.4.8 dependency to Android using gradle
StackOverflow gogowitczak 123 androidgradleandroid-gradlexstream
Android: Compilation Error:Execution failed for task ':app:compileDebugJava'
StackOverflow ojas 190 androidandroid-gradlebuild.gradleandroid-recyclerviewrecycler-adapter
Use libGDX with gradle-experimental
StackOverflow Maxime Limone 93 androidandroid-ndklibgdxandroid-gradlegradle-experimental
Process 'command 'C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_25\bin\java.exe'' finished with non-zero exit value 2
StackOverflow minimanimo 2964 javaandroidparsingandroid-gradlefacebook-android-sdk
How to pack Android Gradle app to *.jar or *.aar file
StackOverflow Evelan 59 javaandroidgradleantandroid-gradle
finished with non-zero exit value 1
StackOverflow Pavan Bilagi 96 androidandroid-gradle
Retrofit two version
StackOverflow Mariusz 51 androidgradleandroid-gradleretrofit
How to get output of gradle --debug in Android Studio?
StackOverflow Martynas Jurkus 19 android-studioandroid-gradle
Jacoco Test Coverage always 0% on Linux; Windows works
StackOverflow A.Roehl 39 linuxandroid-studioandroid-gradlecode-coveragejacoco
Error when building new project - aapt finished with non-zero exit value 1
StackOverflow prasid444 97 androidandroid-studiogradleandroid-gradleaapt
How to compile another library into library?
StackOverflow RockerFlower 69 androidandroid-gradleandroid-libraryandroid-build
(Error 39, 0) Gradle method note found: 'compile()'
StackOverflow Nguza Yikona 39 androidandroid-gradlebuild.gradle
Android Gradle exception error could not list content of directory
StackOverflow Kasirat Kasfi 109 androidandroid-studioandroid-gradle
android studio: nothing working getting different different errors
StackOverflow PJ1405 60 androidandroid-studioandroid-gradle
How do I export dependencies along with source code into a single .jar file in Android Studio (gradle)?
StackOverflow dev_android 22 flexandroid-studioandroid-gradleexecutable-jar
Android Studio plugin is too old
StackOverflow yoyoma 6353 androidandroid-studiogradleandroid-gradlegradle-plugin
Execute a custom independent gradle task in android studio
StackOverflow Umang Chamaria 65 androidandroid-studiogradleandroid-gradle
Library reference Lib\Copy of google-play-services_lib could not be found
StackOverflow Daniel ORTIZ 127 androideclipseandroid-studioandroid-gradlegoogle-play-services
Execution failed for task mockableAndroidJar
StackOverflow Robertas Setkus 128 androidandroid-studioandroid-gradlemockitobuild.gradle
task 'option' not found in root project 'myapplication'
StackOverflow sun 33 androidandroid-gradlebuild.gradle
Gradle Build Failed, after inserting tess4j.jar in Android Studio 1.5.1
StackOverflow Khaled 114 javaandroidandroid-gradleocrtesseract
What is the difference between proguard-android.txt and ? - Android
StackOverflow MBH 87 androidandroid-gradleproguardandroid-proguard
Gradle DSL method not found
StackOverflow aru 38 android-studioandroid-gradle
Not able to add a library to project in the Android Studio
StackOverflow abhishek 65 androidandroid-studiogradleandroid-gradlebuild.gradle
Android/Cordova build dependency error with google-play-services (more than one library with package name '')
StackOverflow Sarah 201 androidcordovaandroid-gradlegoogle-play-servicescordova-plugins
Error:(15, 0) Could not find property 'ANDROID_BUILD_SDK_VERSION' on project ':phonegap-facebook-plugin:FacebookLib'
StackOverflow STEALTH 40 javaandroidandroid-studioandroid-gradlebuild.gradle
Accidentally include ':app' line deleted in settings.gradle file i cannot sync or run project
StackOverflow Mert Serimer 30 androidandroid-studiogradleandroid-gradle duplicate entry: org/apache/harmony/awt/internal/nls/Messages.class
StackOverflow vipul bansal 430 androidandroid-studioandroid-gradle
Android Studio Installation Error: supplied java-home seems to be invalid
StackOverflow prince 108 javaandroidandroid-studioandroid-gradle
Cant use LocationServices on android studio
StackOverflow crazyPixel 20 android-studioandroid-gradlebuild.gradleandroid-location
Importing GSON using dependencies not giving access to methods
StackOverflow sargturner 74 androidandroid-studiogsonandroid-gradle
Gradle sync failed: Cause: failed to find target with hash string 'android-22'
StackOverflow sameera sy 185 androidandroid-studioandroid-gradlebuild.gradlejdk1.6
Gradle: Read properties from external file
StackOverflow bigdestroyer 48 androidgradleandroid-gradle
Using APK Splits for Release but not Debug build type
StackOverflow techehcet 59 androidgradleandroid-gradlebuild.gradle
Android Studio mergeReleaseResources FAILED
StackOverflow Rahul 156 android-studioandroid-gradle
Android Gradle - How to include assets from the root project?
StackOverflow Krishnaraj 104 androidgradleandroid-gradle
Embed submodule dependencies for proprietary code
StackOverflow Hugo Gresse 22 androidandroid-gradleandroid-library
Gradle - Could not create an instance of Tooling API implementation
StackOverflow Maddy 200 androidandroid-studiogradleandroid-gradlegradle-tooling-api
Gradle - add dependency to tests of another module
StackOverflow sakis kaliakoudas 50 androidgradlebuildandroid-gradle
Equivalent to product flavors in non-Android Gradle?
StackOverflow Thunderforge 39 gradleandroid-gradleandroid-productflavors
Unable to run android module
StackOverflow gikarasojo kinene 30 androidgitandroid-gradlegit-pull
Android Studio Gradle version - Gradle version 2.8 is required
StackOverflow Edward 4708 androidandroid-studiogradleandroid-gradlegradlew
Android error in building application. duplicate entry: android/support/v7/view/ActionMode$Callback.class
StackOverflow Ankur Chaudhary 94 androidandroid-gradleandroid-support-libraryandroid-support-designandroid-multidex
Dagger 2 Injection - buildToolsVersion "23.0.2" gradle 2.8 ...compileDebugJavaWithJavac : java.lang.IllegalStateException
StackOverflow Rafael Bellas Raso 154 android-gradlebuild.gradleandroid-testingdagger-2
Android studio gradle dx command get wrong suddenly
StackOverflow DaSqy Stc 49 androidgradleandroid-gradlemultidexandroid-multidex
Android - Execution failed for task ':app:compileDebugJava' with ';' expected
StackOverflow OpenWebWar 20 javaandroidgradleandroid-gradlebuild.gradle
Using Travis CI with Android
StackOverflow Farbod Salamat-Zadeh 72 androidgithubandroid-gradletravis-ci
android studio failed to create new project
StackOverflow rahim 103 javaandroidandroid-studioandroid-gradlenew-project
Google App Engine Module Error:Execution failed for task ':app:transformClassesWithDexForDebug'. > Failed to delete
StackOverflow MicroR 213 androidgoogle-app-enginegoogle-cloud-messagingandroid-gradlegae-module
Where does gradle store all compiled classes for an ANDROID project?
StackOverflow AKh 56 androidandroid-studiogradleandroid-gradlebuild.gradle
Could not find property 'keyStorePath' on project ':app' in Android Studio
StackOverflow Marsh 69 androidgradleandroid-gradle
Android studio Gradle not able to reslove dependencies
StackOverflow anujprashar 115 androidandroid-studioandroid-gradle
Gradle Build errorNot
StackOverflow Amr Serag 112 androidandroid-gradle
Execute android build tasks in custom tasks
StackOverflow Hugo Gresse 48 androidgradleandroid-gradlebuild.gradle
Intellij 16 - unit tests not recognized as part of the project for android module
StackOverflow sakis kaliakoudas 57 androidintellij-ideaandroid-gradleintellij-eap
Execution failed for task :app:compileDebugJavaWithJavac
StackOverflow dequec64 392 javaandroidandroid-studiogradleandroid-gradle
update Gradle to 2.10 error
StackOverflow L. Swifter 385 androidgradleandroid-gradlegradlew
Adding Dependencies in Gradle Project which generates .aar file
StackOverflow Sinistro 53 androidperformancegradleandroid-gradlebuild.gradle
What is a 'resource-generating task' in Android Gradle?
StackOverflow Krishnaraj 46 androidgradleandroid-gradle
Import swagger into existing project in Android Studio
StackOverflow matusalem 117 javaandroidmavenandroid-gradleswagger
Android Studio shows no Javadoc for Realm classes
StackOverflow Clo Knibbe 24 android-studioandroid-gradlejavadocrealm
Gradle and AndroidAnnotations
StackOverflow Mike Weiss 51 gradleandroid-gradleandroid-annotations
Android Studio Gradle: Error:Execution failed for task ':app:processDebugGoogleServices'. > No matching client found for package
StackOverflow TJL 1985 androidandroid-studioandroid-gradlegoogle-play-servicesbuild.gradle
Bluetooth LE still required when set "requried=false"
StackOverflow rwojcik 38 androidbluetoothandroid-gradleandroid-manifest
Mocktrofit resolving gradle dependency
StackOverflow Raghav 32 androidandroid-gradledependency-managementandroid-testing