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As for the format of library used within Android Studio
StackOverflow superx3 30 androidandroid-studioandroid-gradle
Could not find property 'uninstallDebug' on project
StackOverflow Rajkiran 38 androidgradleandroid-gradle
How do I include sub-dependencies of a library with gradle and Android Studio?
StackOverflow isuPatches 13 androidgradledependenciesandroid-gradledependency-management
How do I read the results of gradlew app:dependencies?
StackOverflow EmmyS 22 androidamazon-web-servicesgradleandroid-gradle
Gradle buildConfigField Illegal forward reference
StackOverflow cambunctious 19 javaandroidgradleandroid-gradle
Error:(27, 0) Project with path ':library' could not be found in project ':app'
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Gradle android custom task fetch assets online
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Gradle (Android) - Multiproject dependency missing in testCompile
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Android - How to define dependancy on a gradle task which is generated after taskGraph is created
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Android: able to install app for unsupported Android version
StackOverflow Wirling 51 androidandroid-gradleandroid-versionandroid-api-levelsandroid-min-sdk
Android studio - build failed '/home/node/Android/Sdk/build-tools/23.0.2/aapt'' finished with non-zero exit value 1
StackOverflow M.A.Murali 36 androidandroid-studioandroid-gradlebuild.gradle
Error: cannot find symbol class GraphViewSeries
StackOverflow Aman Agrawal 33 androidandroid-studioandroid-gradleandroid-graphviewandroid-graphics
facebook login doesnot work on building on different pc
StackOverflow randomuser 42 androidfacebookandroid-gradlebuild.gradle
travis ci build failing - cause: PermGen space
StackOverflow user3744384 55 androidgradleandroid-gradletravis-cikotlin
Any way to make common APK for API-15+ on mobile and API-21+ on TV?
StackOverflow dangling_refrenz 35 androidbuildandroid-gradleapkandroid-tv
What are the pros and cons for jumboMode (dexOptions)
StackOverflow Lord Flash 12 androidandroid-studioandroid-gradledexoptions
How to update Gradle file in android studio
StackOverflow Android Programing 40 android-studiogradleandroid-gradlebuild.gradle
Android Screenshot Library usage for android studio
StackOverflow Jojo Narté 19 androidreactjsandroid-gradlereact-nativegradlew
Gradle Build Failed in Android Studio (Cannot read testArtifacts,bin from catch)
StackOverflow Sibidharan 147 androidandroid-studioandroid-gradle
Android studio Appcompat v7 Error:(22, 0) Gradle DSL method not found: 'android()'
StackOverflow Nima habibkhoda 30 javaandroidgradleandroid-gradleappcompat
Circular Dependency error in android studio while building project
StackOverflow Kavach Chandra 19 androidgradleandroid-gradleandroid-library
How does Android Studio launch the Gradle Daemon?
StackOverflow jbluntz 31 androidandroid-studiogradleandroid-gradle
Override library buildConfigFields in the application
StackOverflow Jorge 19 androidgradlebuildandroid-gradle
Error:Execution failed for task aidl is missing
StackOverflow user1802486 12 android-gradlebuild.gradle
android studio error Error:Connection timed out
StackOverflow max 23 androidandroid-gradle
install build tools 23.0.2 and sync the project in android studio
StackOverflow farzaneh 46 androidandroid-studioandroid-gradlebuild.gradle
Can't show FloatingActionButton in app screen
StackOverflow Rodrigo Silva 77 androidvectorandroid-gradleappcompatfloating-action-button
Android Studio Gradle DSL method not found: 'mavencentral()'
StackOverflow choz 42 androidmavenandroid-studiogradleandroid-gradle
Error converting bytecode to dex: Cause: java.lang.RuntimeException: Exception parsing classes - Android studio 2.0 beta 6
StackOverflow MBH 229 androidgradleandroid-gradlebuild.gradle
Can not added library in Android Studio
StackOverflow Dr.NoBody 8 android-studioandroid-gradle
Failed to resolve:
StackOverflow Dania 38 androidandroid-gradlegoogle-play-servicesbuild.gradle
Gradle - Only Build Dependencies and Cache Them
StackOverflow Alireza 8 androidbuilddependenciesandroid-gradle
Multiple android variants of app on same device
StackOverflow BoJIHa npocmombI 14 androidandroid-studioandroid-gradleandroid-productflavors
Android Studio stuck at executing task [app:generateDebugSources, app:generateDebugAndroidTestSources]
StackOverflow Ankur Kashyap 37 android-studioandroid-gradleubuntu-14.04
Why use Android Plugin for Gradle 2.0.x versus 1.5.0?
StackOverflow pbm 35 androidandroid-gradlegradle-plugin
Error : Manifest merger failed sdk:minSdkVersion
StackOverflow Hamzah Abdullah 39 androidandroid-gradle
Gradle dependency exclusion not working
StackOverflow GuilhE 30 androidandroid-gradlebuild.gradlegradle-dependencies
How to generate on the fly Java source code to build with Gradle in Android Studio?
StackOverflow Pol 31 android-studiogradleandroid-gradle
I have a several variants and need to merge in a manifest file for deep links
StackOverflow James Wyman 16 androidgradleandroid-gradle
Test Artifact selector missing/gone from Build Variants in Android Studio 2 Beta 5
StackOverflow markproxy 28 android-studioandroid-gradleandroid-studio-2.0-beta5
Debug/Release variable not propagating to library Android
StackOverflow user5001783 42 androidandroid-layoutandroid-studioandroid-gradle
RootTools.jar and OneSignal SDK creates duplicate entry error
StackOverflow Arie Agung 25 androidandroid-gradleandroid-studio-2.0onesignalroottools
Retro lambda Configuration issue on Android Studio 2.0 Beta 6
StackOverflow Neeraj Kumar 43 androidandroid-gradlerx-javarx-androidretrolambda
Any change to build.gradle file cause android studio to freeze with this script
StackOverflow Pedram 16 androidandroid-studiogradleandroid-gradle
Force gradle to produce an apk
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How to make Android Studio/Gradle build from an updated source file?
StackOverflow NickT 29 androidandroid-studiogradleandroid-gradle
What task to run to re-create Dagger 2 injection files
StackOverflow Yervant 11 androidandroid-gradledagger-2
Android Studio and Graddle Proguard Unable to compute hash error
StackOverflow Alin 10 androidandroid-gradleandroid-proguard
configure Robolectric to write logs (tests output) into external file
StackOverflow JoseF 10 android-gradlerobolectricandroid-testing
Android Studio Error: Configuration with name 'default' not found
StackOverflow Alex Stone 32 androidgitandroid-studioandroid-gradlebuild.gradle
Android: can a module depend on another module?
StackOverflow zeeshan 13 androidandroid-studiomoduledependenciesandroid-gradle
App Engine: change in api entity not being reflected to client
StackOverflow Iblisto 29 androidgoogle-app-engineandroid-studioandroid-gradle
Cannot resolve symbol android
StackOverflow Harshit Jain 19 androidandroid-studiodependenciesandroid-gradle
File res/drawable/abc_ic_ab_back_material.xml from drawable resource ID #0x7f020016
StackOverflow SilentKnight 273 androidandroid-gradleandroid-design-library
Error:(41, 13) Failed to resolve: com.rarepebble:colorpicker:1.6.0
StackOverflow altu 26 androidgradleandroid-gradlejitpack duplicate entry: org/apache/http/ConnectionClosedException.class
StackOverflow sunil y 42 android-studioandroid-gradleandroid-support-libraryandroid-multidex
Cannot Rendering Project
StackOverflow KikenKat 14 androidandroid-layoutandroid-studioandroid-gradle
specify a env variable on gradle properties?
StackOverflow jonney 23 androidgradleenvironment-variablesandroid-gradle
Gradle DSL method not found main() android studio
StackOverflow abcd 19 javaandroidandroid-gradle
When is it necessary to check for dependencies on each build?
StackOverflow A. T. King 29 androidandroid-studioandroid-gradle
Gradle error version 1.2.3
StackOverflow prn86 22 androidgradleandroid-gradlebuild.gradle
Gradle error when using Google's latest API
StackOverflow Harry S. Hur 49 javaandroidandroid-studioandroid-gradlegoogle-vision
How to post an Android Studio .AAR file to a local Artifactory repository
StackOverflow Bungles 16 androidandroid-gradleartifactory
Problems with Android Studios 1.5.1
StackOverflow Mrs_Are3 48 javaandroidandroid-gradle
Configuring build so that App is launched, not acivity
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Android native toolchain gradle
StackOverflow dcow 26 androidgradleandroid-gradlecross-compilinggradle-experimental
Is it safe to delete the .gradle folder in Android Studio?
StackOverflow yehyatt 37 androidandroid-studiogradleandroid-gradle
Android Studio: refuse gradle to download dependencies which has been downloaded
StackOverflow Mohammad 21 android-studioandroid-gradle
android gradle build error Warning:Unable to find optional library: org.apache.http.legacy
StackOverflow sam 27 androidandroid-gradle
Using Contrib and Web Espresso imports causes duplicateFileException
StackOverflow J Whitfield 7 androidandroid-gradleandroid-espresso