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Requiring 3D Touch only devices - iOS App Store
StackOverflow ina 45 iosapp-store3dtouch
UIPanGesture Velocity At gestureRecognizerShouldBegin: on a 6s (force touch)
StackOverflow spin-docta 23 uikituipangesturerecognizer3dtouch
Type of 'title' has different optionality than required by protocol 'UIPreviewActionItem'
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Interface Builder not showing peek and pop options for segues
StackOverflow Peter W. 42 iosswiftinterface-builderuistoryboardsegue3dtouch
Using 3D Touch in my application
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Calculate preferredContentSize based on PHAsset size for a Preview View Controller
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Present commit view controller modally instead of pushing when using 3D Touch Peek & Pop
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3D Touch shortcuts won't work due to Unexpected Crash
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UIViewControllerPreviewingDelegate methods not being called with asynchronous tableview
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iPhone freeze when using QuickActionItems
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3D Touch Quick Action 4 Item Limit?
StackOverflow Hino B 40 iosswiftxamarin3dtouch
PHLivePhotoView and backwards compatibility with UILongPressGestureRecognizer
StackOverflow Joey 39 iosuigesturerecognizer3dtouchphlivephoto
Using 3D Touch with storyboard's peek and pop
StackOverflow Vasily 79 swiftuitableview3dtouch
How to open 3D touch pop pages in the same WKWebView when allowsLinkPreview enabled?
StackOverflow swordray 52 iosuiwebviewwkwebview3dtouch
How to stop 3d touch its interrupt other touch events?
StackOverflow jansma 70 ios3dtouch
Swift: Clearing .sharedApplication().shortcutItems on application quit
StackOverflow CodeKnight 34 swift3dtouch
Warning: Attempt to Present ViewController on whose ViewController isn't in the view hierarchy (3D Touch)
StackOverflow Harish 40 swiftappdelegate3dtouch
Navigating to a ViewController from AppDelegate triggered by UIApplicationShortcutItem
StackOverflow rgamber 40 swiftios93dtouchuiapplicationshortcutitem
Order or Sequence of 3D Touch static menu items
StackOverflow rgamber 17 iphoneswiftios93dtouchuiapplicationshortcutitem
how you can use custom icons in 3d shortcuts in Xcode
StackOverflow Alexsander 20 iosswiftshortcuts3dtouch
how to show view controller from UIPreviewAction in swift
StackOverflow Alexsander 62 iosswiftswift2ios93dtouch
UIApplicationShortcutItem in didFinishLaunching
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Unable to change tab using self.tabBarController?.selectedIndex
StackOverflow JKSDEV 23 iosswiftuitabbarcontroller3dtouch
What is a peek and pop force on new iPhones?
StackOverflow drasto 59 iosiphoneios93dtouchpeek-pop
3D touch home screen actions, Launchoptions is nil always even after entering from
StackOverflow user2547249 23 iosiphone3dtouch
How to enable 3D Touch peek & pop but prevent navigation in iOS 9?
StackOverflow Herno 55 ios3dtouch
Find UIViewController registered or not for 3D Touch support
StackOverflow Mahesh K 54 iosobjective-ciphone3dtouch
Swift execute function based on QuickAction
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Swift 3D Touch Force Value in UIButton
StackOverflow arshiya asd 72 iosswiftuibutton3dtouch
How can I change the background color of blur view while using peek and pop in swift 2.0 iOS
StackOverflow Nitish Garg 50 iosswift3dtouchuiblureffect
Call order of performActionForShortcutItem vs applicationWillEnterForeground
StackOverflow Mathias 26 iosobjective-c3dtouch
How best to open the desired controller via 3D Touch?
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3D touch shortcut to a tab view and then performing a segue
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How to know if a UIVIewController is presented as Peek Preview Controller
StackOverflow FrankWest 26 iosobjective-cuiviewcontroller3dtouch
touchedMoved: cancelled by movement (3d touch)
StackOverflow Miles Alden 17 ios3dtouch
UITouchType for iOS9.1
StackOverflow Arun Gupta 28 iosobjective-cuitouch3dtouch
How to add 3D touch quick actions inside an app? Like in contacts
StackOverflow nimish 56 ios3dtouchquickaction
layoutAttributesForItemAtIndexPath doesn't return the actual position when performing peek and pop
StackOverflow Danny Wong 13 iosiphone3dtouch
Disabling the 3D Touch Task Switcher Gesture on the Left Edge of the Screen
StackOverflow llama591 22 iosios9uigesturerecognizer3dtouchtask-switching
How to add actions on the side when peeking a view controller?
StackOverflow klefevre 30 iosobjective-cswiftuikit3dtouch
Peek & Pop - Pop leading to wrong cell in UICollectionView
StackOverflow Nick 27 objective-ciphoneuinavigationcontrolleruicollectionview3dtouch
iOS Safari pin link to homescreen: 3D touch options
StackOverflow JimmyBanks 12 htmliossafari3dtouch
iOS Check 3D Touch enable in settings
StackOverflow Shohrab 46 iosobjective-cswift3dtouch
How can I launch a different View Controller from my App Delegate [SWIFT]?
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OSX App, NSTextField only responds to Force Click
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3D Touch calls viewDidDisappear when popping VC
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3D touch shortcut application:didfinishlaunchingwithoptions: performActionForShortcutItem: Execution order
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How to go to a different URL with 3D Touch Quick Actions and WKWebView?
StackOverflow Fizzix 14 iosswiftwkwebview3dtouch
Using 3D touch peek and pop with Longpress
StackOverflow vanilla_splsh 34 objective-cswift3dtouch
Presenting a custom UIMenuController via - collectionView:shouldShowMenuForItemAtIndexPath: method closes immediately only on iPhone 6s
StackOverflow Goppinath 9 iosiphoneuicollectionviewuimenucontroller3dtouch