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Use "dotnet" or ".NETPlatform5.0" in NuGet nuspec?
StackOverflow Damien Dennehy 80
Building a .NET Core app via command line, so that it works on a machine without .NET Core installed
StackOverflow Christian Specht 386
ASP.NET 5 (vNext) and Configs for dnx451 dependencies
StackOverflow dr_d00m 82
How to package a portable .NET library targeting .NET Core?
StackOverflow Sander 151
How to package a .NET library targeting .NET Framework and Universal Windows Platform and include platform-specific functionality?
StackOverflow Sander 92
Which web server should be used in production for ASP.NET Core on Linux and/or Mac?
StackOverflow Jeevan Jose 312
Why are there multiple levels of dependecies in aspnet5 project.json?
StackOverflow Dave Stucki - MS 36 .net-corecoreclr
How to port to .NET core?
StackOverflow student 127
Unit testing for modern PCL, compatible with .NET Core
StackOverflow Vitaliy Shibaev 85
Difference DNX and .NET Core
StackOverflow Ivan Sieder 97
dnx and dnu not running on Ubuntu 15.10
StackOverflow lbrahim 98
How to find the .dnx location in mac which have .NET core alone (without mono)
StackOverflow user3468621 45
Reference problems in .Net Core - Serialization and NetworkInterface for example
StackOverflow Patrick 35 .net-core
ASPNET5 Class Library throws Current Runtime Target Framework is not compatible with ''
StackOverflow Yves Schelpe 80
Make DNVM use setting global (machine)
StackOverflow Yves Schelpe 92
Is there any .NET Core compatible library for reading excel spreadsheet file?
StackOverflow Štěpán Beneš 105
How do I get a package from nuget, even if a project with the same name is available in the solution?
StackOverflow Tomas Lycken 16
Does .Net Core generate the same IL as standard .Net?
StackOverflow George Mauer 47
How .NET Core, Mono and ASP.NET are related on a non Windows platform?
StackOverflow Peter Aron Zentai 94
Database First but only a subset of the databse
StackOverflow Jamie Babineau 35
Dotnet restore error
StackOverflow Eddy Lin 66
caching frameworks for .net 4.5.1 [.net core (dnx)]
StackOverflow invincible 55
Unzip archive in .Net CORE 1.0
StackOverflow Michael Moser 78
Adding controllers from external DLL MVC6
StackOverflow Shafqat Ali 81
What makes something be a request feature in ASP.NET Core?
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Target specific framework in Class Library (Package)
StackOverflow Mister Epic 114
Using JsonConvert.DeserializeObject in a Class Library Package targeting .NET Core
StackOverflow Damien Dennehy 80
Deploying ASP.NET 5 application with backing DB on client servers
StackOverflow Arrkaye 22
DNX Core: Encrypt/Decrypt?
StackOverflow Mark Olbert 86
Target .NET4.6 or .NET Core 1 for greenfield development?
StackOverflow user183872 86
Does .Net 5's have an equivalant of the Exception.TargetSite?
StackOverflow Matthew Verstraete 15 .net-core
.NET Core alternative to ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem
StackOverflow Joe Audette 89
Selenium.Support does not support framework DNXCore,Version=v5.0
StackOverflow Megha 62
.Net Core and NuGet
StackOverflow Brent Arias 64
.Net Core and ASP.NET Core Interactions
StackOverflow Brent Arias 59
.Net Core Unexpected NuGet Behavior
StackOverflow Brent Arias 41
Project.json frameworks confusing for EF class library
StackOverflow user183872 38
.net Core for Windows application using Visual studio 2015?
StackOverflow Russell 43
Distinct runtime versions and the new .NET CLI
StackOverflow user1620696 64
Configuration of core using settings
StackOverflow xforfun 62
Error during compilation with .NET 4.6.1 on a Nuget Class Library with EF core
StackOverflow cdie 73
.net core possible missing references, application port
StackOverflow Lee 21 .net-core
Computing SHA1 with ASP.NET Core
StackOverflow Drew Noakes 70
Trouble restoring Mvc CodeAnalysis dependencies using dotnet cli
StackOverflow dav_i 167
How to get declared and inherited members from TypeInfo
StackOverflow Nate Barbettini 35
Location of IWebProxy implementation for .NET Core
StackOverflow Pavel Baravik 31 .net-corewebproxy
Different execution from DNX and .NET CLI
StackOverflow user1620696 64
ExpressionVisitor doesn't have it's VisitMethodCall invoked
StackOverflow Johnathon Sullinger 43
What are the platforms in the .NET Platform Standard?
StackOverflow user1620696 132
WebOperationContext in .NET Core
StackOverflow Venki 30
How to check if a type is abstract in .NET Core?
StackOverflow Nikolay Kostov 43
.NET Core: How to use csproj-based projects alongside project.json?
StackOverflow James Ko 53
How to use SqlClient in ASP.NET Core?
StackOverflow Rob McCabe 90
How to call function on javascript page from ASP.NET 5 WebAPI
StackOverflow RoelF 51
How to disable Chunked Transfer Encoding in ASP.Net C# using HttpClient
StackOverflow dontbesorry80 40
Can't run the .NET core default app
StackOverflow lisp 69
What's the reasoning behind picking the API's for a certain .NET Platform Standard version?
StackOverflow user1620696 33
Can I build ASP.NET Core web application using Microsoft Dotnet CLI?
StackOverflow Banketeshvar Narayan 234
UWP error while building
StackOverflow Muhammad Touseef 29
Why there's both a netstandard and netstandardapp TFM's?
StackOverflow user1620696 77
Is there any GAC equivalent for .NET Core?
StackOverflow user1620696 62
How to include a custom binary file in the published approot in .NET Core DNX?
StackOverflow Mark Vincze 27
How to create a PCL that can use the 4.1x versions of System.Network.Sockets
StackOverflow Chris Skardon 14
Equivalent for .HasOptional in Entity Framework Core 1 (EF7)
StackOverflow Chatumbabub 67
Is compilation different for each targeted .NET Platform?
StackOverflow user1620696 42
How to set the default namespace in projects using project.json (.xproj)
StackOverflow Muhammad Rehan Saeed 19
Get all domain types with .net core
StackOverflow amergan 49
System.CodeDom.Compiler for dnxcore50
StackOverflow Mark 28
The Dnx Runtime package needs to be installed
StackOverflow NaveenBhat 70
Is Visual Basic supported on .Net Core on Linux?
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