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GetEntryAssembly doesn't appear to work when the entry assembly is ASP.NET
StackOverflow oscilatingcretin 16
.NET app exits with exception 0xe0434352 assembly load failed but which one?
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Loading the same Assembly twice but with different version
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Loading same Assembly with different versions and instnatiating multiple .xaml instances
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Creating multiple .xaml Views
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Missing msdatasrc assembly reference
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Dynamically load assembly from local file and run with restricted privileges
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AppDomain.Load (Assembly from memory)
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NuGet: How to specify the license URL during nuget pack?
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Assembly(dll) Update Changes Takes too much time for windows
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Preparing for deploying a console application (assembly fundamentals)
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ILMerge ignores bindingRedirect
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Find referenced assemblies of a assembly that is referred in extension project
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TFS 2013 Dependent Assembly XXX of XXX not found when building solution
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Using CECIL to inject if before Console.WriteLine
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Type.GetType() by string from an already loaded assembly
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How to return dynamically generated assembly from mvc controller?
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Save a dynamic assembly to file
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How to load an assembly as reflection-only in a new AppDomain?
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How to determine loaded assemblies for the current AppDomain?
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Why am I unable to do an Assembly.Load of WinMD files?
StackOverflow James Ko 191
How to access assembly version in VS2015 in post-build event command line?
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C# Cannot be used across assembly boundaries because it has a generic type parameters that is an embedded interop type
StackOverflow Patrick 34
What's the best way to get the namespaces in a WinMD file?
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ASP.Net Searches for Assmblies in wrong location
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c# hide class members when exporting DLL
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C# External DLL
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How to add System.Net as a reference?
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Loading a dll in c# from a relative path
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Why doesn't the calling assembly show up in the current app domain in c#?
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Sandboxing managed and unmanaged assemblies
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Why can't I find the Enterprise assemblies that I need to reference?
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Clearing download cache without gacutil
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Simulate ReflectionTypeLoadException being thrown during domain types collection
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Missing assembly Microsoft.Phone.dll
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Microsoft Fakes Framework - I can't use internal class
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How to get all assembly references using Mono.Cecil?
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Retrieve current assembly or 'activation context' from Autofac
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Reflection.ReflectionTypeLoadException for MahApps DLL
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How to modify a class implementation in a .NET assembly?
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Performance Hit by deploying signed assembly outside of GAC
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Create an instance of a class in a different assembly by strings
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Read embedded resource inside UWP app?
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Could not load file or assembly 'Newtonsoft.Json, Version= in combination with Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi.Client
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Child AppDomain in UnitTest does not unload all loaded assemblies
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When should the AssemblyVersion be changed? When it should not be?
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c# assembly binding with wpf application
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.NET Assembly creation on server- DLL on local
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What is the "" type?
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Error after updating AJAXControlToolkit.dll to version 15
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How do I drop all functions from CLR Assembly before it's drop in SQL Server?
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Adding resource files to assembly dynamically using codedom
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Package signing , and digital certificate
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The namespace name 'Display' and 'DisplayAttribute' could not be found
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wpf - i want assembly location change
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satellite assembly not recognized by precompiled website
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