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Does SetSocketOption keepalive useful in handling half open connection c#
StackOverflow Harshal Sam 15
custom tooltip in c# .net win forms
StackOverflow gomesh munda 49
DatabaseGeneratedOption doesn't work in Dapper.FastCRUD
StackOverflow Yongke Bill Yu 68
WCF Active STS (WS-Trust) : Access is denied at System.ServiceModel.Dispatcher.AuthorizationBehavior.Authorize for JAVA clients
StackOverflow user3190499 54
WebApi 2 call using HttpWebrequest/HttpClient
StackOverflow Joshua I 88
How use Roslyn Scripting in OSX with F#?
StackOverflow mamcx 50
Complex grid with smooth performance
StackOverflow ABC 18
.NET 4.5 -- Send SOAP request via HttpPost
StackOverflow Nate 50
Signtool shows success but fails to sign assembly
StackOverflow Amit Ranjan 16
An item with the same key has already been added. vsix project
StackOverflow Ravindra Barapatre 7
Automapper based convertion from Datatable to generic type not working
StackOverflow user20358 66
The parameterized query expects the parameter p1 which was not supplied
StackOverflow user007 37
Losing Alpha Channel When Assigning to Panel.BackColor
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IsVirtualizingWhenGrouping and TreeView
StackOverflow Evgeny Goloulnikov 62
How to extract zip file contents into a folder in .NET 4.5
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Read a string as json
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Using string interpolation and nameof in .VS 2015 NET 4.5
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Access denied in a web service windows and anonymous with Impersonation
StackOverflow user575219 35
HttpClient - Request Header only
StackOverflow AmitKB 15 .net-4.5dotnet-httpclient
How to implement AntiForgery token in device oriented web api?
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c# Interface method must have return type that derives from itself
StackOverflow ChadJPetersen 71
Can't access UserControl objects from other classes in WinForms Application
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How do I define "chkLongText_Checked"?
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WCF SslStreamSecurity DNS Identity Check failing for just 4.6 framework
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CsvHelper fluent class mapping ConstructUsing() ignored in referenced maps?
StackOverflow Alex Hope O'Connor 34
Get NumPad or Globally used decimal point separator
StackOverflow Carl 38
Convey FaultException details from an ajax-enabled WCF service?
StackOverflow Leonard 27
How to save a pdf as an object in c#
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Why System.Xml.Xsl not supported in my PCL even when all the targets support this type?
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Negotiate, NTLM, Run as administrator HTTP 401.2
StackOverflow user575219 14 .net-4.5windows-server-2008-r2windows-server-2012ntlmnegotiate
Why does 'Any CPU (prefer 32-bit)' allow me to allocate more memory than x86 under .NET 4.5?
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Unable to provide a binding for a Keybinding
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Registering and resolving open generics in Unity
StackOverflow David Keaveny 20 .net-4.5unity-containerioc-container
What avenues could be explored for random behavior of axd files not being served in IIS 8.5?
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This project is incompatible with the current version of Visual Studio for vs2013 ultimate from vs2013 express
StackOverflow user1790300 34
What is the difference between updating an object with a new object against updating its properties?
StackOverflow Guapo 30
WebService call under Xamarin.Forms returning incomplete result
StackOverflow Aiden Strydom 67
Membership info is taken from machine.config
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EventHandler always null in .dll, subscribed from another class
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Nancy application error being swallowed by OWIN?
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.Net compatability with SQL Server 2014
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Comparing two collections with IEquatable while using only LINQ
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Cannot send emails to addresses with Scandinavian characters
StackOverflow Mr. Boy 52
How do I set the aria-hidden attribute on a XAML form?
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How to run code-coverage from the command line with NUnit 2.6
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Garbage Collection doesn't seem to be running on MVC Application Pool
StackOverflow Aaron Sanders 33
get visual children that are not shown in the UI
StackOverflow user1151923 23
Can a get DbType from Dapper DynamicParameters?
StackOverflow zejafo 36
Create a generic list in xaml 4.5+
StackOverflow Carl 43
Check if an uppercase Letter is inside a string
StackOverflow deadpool_Y7 76
$(TargetedFrameworkDir) incorrectly defined for targetframework 4.5
StackOverflow Mulder2008 15
Check if string contains a uppercase letter "inside" it
StackOverflow deadpool_Y7 78
Notification icon transparency issues when dragging
StackOverflow Richard Everett 20
Most efficient way to compare two lists and delete the same
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How to use a function that has a parameter from an unsupported dll in a portable library
StackOverflow Sharon J D Dorot 20
Parameter is not valid - Trying to convert raw image to jpeg
StackOverflow huMpty duMpty 45
VS2015 - VB/ASP.NET Build fake error: "Type 'XXX' is not defined" in UserControl code-behind
StackOverflow DestyNova 92
Do I need Microsoft.Bcl.Async package in .NET 4.5?
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Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration ReadOnly?!?! Really?
StackOverflow Xorcist 22
Specifying a set of prioritized namespaces for finding API controllers?
StackOverflow Lord of Scripts 5
Do predefined views really increase Entity Framework performance?
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Socket remains connected after the remote computer closes it
StackOverflow Javid 24
Focus color remains after item is selected
StackOverflow Prix 23
Create attribute for validation and change the parameter value
StackOverflow netwer 42
Does my web site need to do redirect to IdP server when doing web sso with ADFS 2.0 and SAML 2.0
StackOverflow user3649551 14
Get parameter use FromUri and validate this parameter
StackOverflow netwer 31
BreezeController does not get the JObject (it is null)
StackOverflow Vaccano 22
Entity Framework Code First Mapping when Name Does Not Match
StackOverflow Vaccano 17
How setting the route config for methods with the different signature
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What is the .NET System.Numerics.BigInteger Equivalent of Org.BouncyCastle.Math.BigInteger.ToByteArrayUnsigned?
StackOverflow Mike-EEE 37