Xcode error "Could not find Developer Disk Image"
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When attempting to run a build on a connected iOS device in Xcode I get the error Could not find Developer Disk Image:

screen shot of error message

I saw that there was a public beta for Xcode, so I installed it. One of the new features is that you don't need to have a Developer Program Account Dingus to upload your app directly to your iPhone. However, on my iPhone 4s, I also did a public beta update to iOS 8.4, problem being, that there's no Developer Disk Image available for it. Does anyone know where to find it or fix it?


I personally downloaded Xcode 6.4 beta and 7.0 beta and I was very happy to find the solution by searching "8.4" inside the application folder of the 6.4 beta. By doing this, I found the folder 8.4 (12H4125a) containing the iOS 8.4 image and I copied this folder to the same path of the 7.0 beta. The path is the following:


When you will reopen Xcode 7 and choose your device, there will be an error message; just click on fix issue and that should do it!

You can download right now Xcode 6.4. It has compatibility with ios 8.4


My problem was - Xcode 7 and Xcode 6.4 beta and iOS 8.4 - device not compatible.

In case of same problem for better understanding how to fix do next:

  1. Go to /Applications/Xcode-beta.app/Contents/Developer/Platforms/iPhoneOS.platform/DeviceSupport
  2. Go to
  3. Copy folder iOS 8.4 in another folder

enter image description here

  1. Restart Xcode

Thanks to @lowell

If you have iOS 9.1 on your phone, just download xcode 7.1 beta instead of using GM.

See Apple response: https://forums.developer.apple.com/thread/18282

For people who would have similar problems in the future, beware that this problem is fundamentally rooting from the mismatch of your iOS version and xcode version. Check the compatibility of iOS and xcode.

I got the same error message (Couldn't find developer disk image) after I updated my devices to iOS 9.2, but forgot to update to Xcode 7.2.

So in my case, the fix was easy: just update to Xcode 7.2 via Mac App Store.

This error occurs when the version of Xcode predates that of the device.

For example, attempting to run a build on a device running iOS 9.2 in Xcode 7.1 results in this error; Could not find Developer Disk Image. Why an error message that actually describes what the hell is going on can't be provided is beyond me (Apple, I'm looking at you ).

Update to the latest version of Xcode through the App Store or via direct download to guarantee interoperability with connected iOS hardware.

This message appears when your version of Xcode is too old for the device's version of iOS. Upgrade Xcode to the latest.

If the App Store doesn't offer an update for Xcode, see if you have the latest MacOS X. In the past, Apple has been rather aggressive about dropping support for past versions of MacOS X in the latest Xcode.

I have experienced same issue

Could not find Developer Disk Image

My Xcode version was 7.0.1 and i updated my iPhone to version 9.2, then upon using Xcode i ran into this problem.

Solution is pretty simple just Download latest version of Xcode 7.2 which was released on 8 Dec, 2015 and install it. Everything works fine for you as it was before.

Note: Actual problem is your Xcode version is not compatible/outdated with version on your device.

This Problem is faced when your Xcode version is not compatible with your device version.

For iOS 9+ and 8.0++ With the most recent update to iOS 9.2, the same problem will occur with Xcode at 7.1; you need to update to Xcode 7.2

other references...

Could not find Developer Disk Image and Apple Developer Forum

NOTE: best way to solve it is to update both your Xcode AND iOS to the most recent version.

I got the same error when i have connected iPad(iOS 9.2) with Xcode7.1. I resolved this error by updating my Xcode to 7.2. We should always use latest Xcode to build apps for latest iOS devices.

it works, in my case for xcode FROM 7.3 TO 7.1 copy directory 9.2, for iOS device OS 9.2.1

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