iOS9 Untrusted Enterprise Developer with no option to trust
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This is not a duplicate of Untrusted App Developer. Since iOS9 there is no option to trust an enterprise build. Has anyone found a workaround?

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Do it like this:

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Go to Settings -> General -> Profiles - tap on your Profile - tap on the Trust button.

For iOS 9 beta 3,4 users. Since the option to view profiles is not viewable do the following from Xcode.

  1. Open Xcode 7.
  2. Go to window, devices.
  3. Select your device.
  4. Delete all of the profiles loaded on the device.
  5. Delete the old app on your device.
  6. Clean and rebuild the app to your device.

Device: iPad Mini

OS: iOS 9 Beta 3

App downloaded from: Hockey App

Provisioning profile with Trust issues: Enterprise

In my case, when I navigate to Settings > General > Profiles, I could not see on any Apple provisioning profile. All I could see is a Configuration Profile which is HockeyApp Config.


Here are the steps that I followed:

  1. Connect the Device
  2. Open Xcode
  3. Navigate to Window > Devices
  4. Right click on the Device and select Show Provisioning Profiles...
  5. Delete your Enterprise provisioning profile. Hit Done. Window>Device>Provisioning Profile
  6. Open HockeyApp. Install your app.
  7. Once the app finished installing, go back to Settings>General>Profiles. You should now be able to see your Enterprise provisioning profile. enter image description here
  8. Click Trust enter image description here

That's it! You're done! You can now go back to your app and open it successfully. Hope this helped. :)

Changes to Enterprise App Distribution Coming in iOS 9

iOS 9 introduces a new feature to help protect users from installing in-house apps from untrusted sources. While no new app signing or provisioning methods are required, the way your enterprise users manage in-house apps installed on their iOS 9 devices will change.

In-house apps installed using an MDM solution are explicitly trusted and will no longer prompt the user to trust the developer that signed and provisioned the app. If your enterprise app does not use an MDM solution, users who install your app for the first time will be prompted to trust the developer. All users who install your app for the first time will need an internet connection.

Using a new restriction, organizations can limit the apps installed on their devices to the in-house apps that they create. And a new interface in Settings allows users to see all enterprise apps installed from their organization.

Changes to Enterprise App Distribution Coming in iOS 9

Source: Official email sent from to existing enterprise app developers.

On iOS 9.2 Profiles renamed to Device Management.
Now navigation looks like that:
Settings -> General -> Device Management -> Tap on necessary profile in list -> Trust.

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